Our Weed-Free Homestead
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Our Weed-Free Homestead

One of the comments on yesterday’s vlog
was from Tom at Whistle Thicket and he said that he couldn’t see a single
weed in my garden and what a great job I’ve done at mulching. So I just thought
today and I’ll give you a little tour of our homestead and show you that we are
completely weed-free. So here we are this is the entrance to our homestead and
obviously, as you can see, not a single weed on the road. Having a look at the
first little area we come to. This where a very lovely lavender and cat mint is and some
honeysuckle and yep no weeds here and no weeds in the corner there! No weeds along
the front or all hanging around, you know, in the center of our front garden! And
opposite the house is an area that you’ll be familiar with. It’s
where we have all the wood chippings. There you go behind me that’s where we
keep all the wood chippings and no weeds here either! There’s no weeds growing in the
grass, and there’s nothing like so, now we
don’t have any brambles, you know, the wild blackberries, there’s definitely none of
those hanging around and growing out of our hedges. And there’s no there’s no
beautiful thistles, I’d like there to be but nope, there’s no thistles and
it’s just not waste high with weeds all round. Hopefully you’re beginning to get the
idea that there may be one or two weeds on our homestead and some of them I’m
quite happy to let grow and others I just turned the blind eye to them
because there’s only so much you can do. The blackberry brambles that are growing
through our hedge, you see, they’re a real nuisance because they’ll become
a great thicket of spiny, prickly, painful stems, but they’re
also, well, they’re also free food! And there’s an awful lot of them. They grow
all along the fencing on the boundaries and actually,
they grow on the other side of the fence as well, they’re all along there.
The mulch that is here in four foot high piles of wood chippings, well that’s
got weeds growing in it and and up through it. So that’s about 12
inches of wood chip and we’ve still got bindweed coming up through it. Between
the shrubbery and the area where the wood chips are, is an area that we’ve
intended to make a shrubbery out of as well, but it hasn’t quite happened yet,
and so. And it looks like this. This is the second year in a row it’s looked like
this and under there, under the this lot of weeds and it’s some topsoil that I
brought in. And the topsoil was laid down onto a tarpaulin, so under those weeds is
about a ton of topsoil and it’s sitting on a tarpaulin and the weeds don’t care.
They have no respect for my tarpaulin and my topsoil, they just think it’s a
great place to grow! So going past the lavender hedge to the gate into the food
forest and immediately on my left is what was the
perennial border but it’s now 40-foot long space six to seven feet wide of
pernicious, perennial weeds with a few perennial flowers. Some very pretty
hollyhocks there, hiding behind the seeds of the dock leaves, and
here’s one of thistles and these are, well I’ve never known a thistle like
this. This is what I’m guessing they call a Scottish thistle and it is absolutely
beautiful. This is beautiful, but look at the spines on this! There are spines on
the ends of the leaves, all up the stems. They are vicious. And these are the ones
that were having a real trouble getting out because even with two pairs of
gloves, the spikes and the spines of the thistles are going through two
layers of gloves and one of those was my leather gauntlets, so we just don’t
know how to get rid of them. And so yet again, they’re now going to seed and
so next year we’ll have gazillion of them! So thank you for the kind comments
I’ve had about my weed free garden, but rest assured like every other homestead, we have our fair share of weeds. And wherever you are and whatever weeds are
growing in your garden, I hope you’ve had a good day and I also hope that you can
join me again tomorrow.

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