Pitzhanger Manor & Gallery turns back time to original design
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Pitzhanger Manor & Gallery turns back time to original design

The aim of the three year project was to return Pitzhanger Manor to Sir John Soane’s original design. For instance the conservatory which is on the back of the house and the new roof lantern. We had all of Soane’s designs for these parts, and it was really a case of rebuilding them with our architects. I think one of my favourite parts of the building is the tribune which is this very dramatic, orange kind of warm space. It’s very Soaneon in its architecture. The best bit about it I think is that it was painted over for so long so when the specialists here at Humphreys came back and redid all of this intricate orange marbling work you felt like you were seeing Soane’s design again for the first time. It’s been full of discoveries from the little, for instance finding the very old shoe that has been put underneath the floorboards in the attics, which is a symbol of good luck to kick away evil spirits. To the dramatic revelations when we were really able to really reinstate large parts of John Soans designs, for instance the recreation of his amazing, dramatic conservatory. I do have a message for players of the National Lottery, thank you. What you have given us through the National Lottery Heritage Fund has been invaluable.

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