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yeah I was a little frustrated if it’s
spot but he would find a tree to observe from we tried to just make a tree to do
an observation set up there and it was like just a wall foliage 15 yards into
the woods just to find the tree and then you couldn’t see the field I’m not going
back there no I’m just finally starting to get in them
there’s something good back there and there’s some really big rubs
big tracks all over the place she’s probably gonna push a little further to
our driving two mile walk yeah it’s the other hunter side back there no
nobody’s back just somebody’s going back about three-quarters of that
way on dry land you see like that tire bike yep
bike went back there couple of nights nobody’s what we’re at Joe’s up I’m up your turn for big kill
yeah I plan that perfectly because this spot is about three miles I would say
three miles yeah yeah I lost the flip on that he’s exhausted
get back there yeah no so what I don’t know probably almost a mile out to where
we’re gonna go then you guys are gonna go a little further and I’m gonna split
off and I go another mile and we probably walked a mile yeah are already
so I’m gonna go to the island with the giant rubs and go the other end of it
mm-hmm so we’re gonna see what’s going on over there it looks like just a
betting off that end and the hard part about this is you get back to we’re
stuck back there with what we see yeah you know cuz there ain’t no turning around
yeah you don’t go back there and decide it’s no good you realize how hard this
stuff is when you have him pre scouted mm-hmm you know he’s going in blind
yep yes it on a map yep yes tougher than it seems where I dove into last night
the sign wasn’t wasn’t there but once once I was there I was committed so
welcome it tonight shoot one mm-hmm cuz I wanna see Teddy carry that thing on
its shoulders three miles you can do with Teddy Oh
we pulled up a guy pulled up to the parking lot yesterday and he looked and
he goes Teddy for miles and miles and miles away anything he’s human world
famous yeah yeah he went from sweaty Teddy – lucky Teddy last night I told
him if we get on some deer you become lucky Teddy and tonight if we get a more
deer and they’re bigger I wanna buy him a pack of gum he said
man oh man oh it’s good to catch my breath
little hot today yeah hotter than I expected so basically the the plan today moving
forward you notice so far I haven’t really shown any footage of morning
hunts that’s because I really hadn’t been hunting mornings one because it
gives me some time to edit and export videos but also on some of these
locations that were trying to hit a lot of them are very you know pinpoint
locations that are basically getting into and then trying to confirm once I’m
there what the sign looks like so from a morning perspective it’s be really tough
to get in there without kind of screwing it up not knowing what it looks like
exactly if I was going after any deer yeah sure but if I’m going after what I
think might be you know a mature buck pinpoint type of spot I would just I
feel more comfortable doing it in an evening set and so right now today we’re
really close to the area that aaron and i were set up two days ago and this spot
sets up pretty well for this wind it’s again one of the spots where we’re not
really walking that far in terms of horizontal distance but vertically we’re
doing a lot in a short amount of distance and this thing’s got water
separating public-access it’s got steep hills
looks like cliffs vertically and we think the deer might be bedding up on
the top of those cliffs on top of like you know kind of like an oak flat and
that bedding all just kind of drains up into a field – look I can add some CRP
maybe some alfalfa corn we don’t exactly know but the plan is to basically cross
the creek get up that steep drainage and then try and see what we can see on that
bench for sign and if we don’t see what we want there then we’ll just have to
back around and kind of make a big loop to get up to where that CRP is and then
once we’re up there we can kind of evaluate what that sign looks like and
see where we can set up as that drainage kind of empties up into there I thought about using that stick as I
was about halfway through that current I Logan had a better idea than what I
tried to do refreshed and ready to go 300 yards to
the base of the valley and then like 300 feet almost straight up like that you
mean you can see it where we’re headed I think that’s what I’m going to straight
out good I would expect betting to be off that that tip so it narrows down
yeah and you have the dogwood right on the tip yep I bet thats where the bedding is they coming up that narrow end okay and this win would be perfect for that yeah I’ll see when I
get closer it looks like here well good luck yeah here right now yeah look
man don’t let Teddy convince you to shoot some you shouldn’t I’d convince
them See the tracks ted the sign looks good but I think we’re
gonna push deeper if you want to see what’s going on for the back this trail is really churned up with
tracks fresh tracks news to refresh scrapes right here is put at the claw
marks and that’s look at a wet spot in the middle right here this is the very
end of the island in all the signs thing coming from down here so I think we’re
getting in the neck of the woods where we want to set up which is a matter of
how far we go because and if you watch that Buck a that came in yesterday as
soon as he hit that how to acorn tree he stopped and he stayed there until dark
so I don’t want that happening again today so we want to get as close as
possible so we have shooting so my thought processes here as this
little island here it is like about an eighth of an acre in front of us or the
tip of it I think you’re coming on there’s from several ways and they just
bump it in in a couple directions and the trails meet right here and where
they meet there’s a bunch of scrapes and in the past I’ve had a lot of action
scrapes in September that are active where staging areas meet from multiple
bedding areas so my that’s my thought process instead and up here I’m hoping
the Bucks come out and they go to here first and mark the scrapes before they
feed and move off and hopefully they don’t stop on one of the old trees and
eat too much first good in theory we’ll see how it works I just got out to this island dan and
Ted are actually way so what I’m gonna do here so I’m gonna skirt the edge of
this island on then right to the end it looks like there’s some bedding off the
points and dog wood and stuff right off the end so I’m gonna sneak down there
I’m probably not gonna do a pre hunt interview just because I feel like I’m
getting in there so tight but we’ve got a bunch of wind right now so that should
help so so I made it to the tree I think I can get away with a lot of noise doing
this interview I think I’m set up pretty good I’ve actually got a trail right
below me here where they’re coming off another Oak Island behind me
hopefully that Island doesn’t hold them up until dark but uh I’ve got two
scrapes in here there are three scrapes in here the sign looks awesome there’s a
fresh poop you can see where they’re scratching and grabbing the acorns I’ve
got bedding all around this point there’s bedding over there
is bedding back behind me and the wind is going that way so I’m said of
perfectly here we’ll see what happens it’s never the same track so that place
was just you know stuff back here is like land lock
this is all private up here but the access is from the other side of that
real estate bridge Zach and I have been
thinking about that a lot so we got on off the sign we have another chance to
go back there probably won’t know back there that’s Id imagine that’s the way he’s going hopefully
either way where we going right to the field edge so I don’t think we’ll mess
it up I mean if we see him on the way and we’ll just back out but well Greg
and I just got to the spot here Greg’s been cooped up for a couple days
so he’s gonna get out and be my cameraman today Aiden and Alex started
here and they’ll be hunting about 300 yards away from us where Alex saw those
bucks last night and Greg and I are going to be going a little bit deeper
where Zach and I found that sign this morning but this kind of throws looping
things maybe I guess we’re just gonna walk back in there and if the guys back
in then we’ll just back out but there’s a lot of public land for him to work
with that way so I’m not too worried about it yet so we’re gonna get packed
up and we got some stands to hang tonight for the first time on this trip
we’re gonna have to do it pretty quiet because based off what we’ve been seeing
these deer not bedded very far away from the fields and I think if we take our
time we shouldn’t have any problems that’s great this right there 10 yards
away and we haven’t walked through I had edge now so we don’t have any ground
sent up there the decision is these trees are definitely hanging a ball
that’s the right tree there but I don’t know if I’ve got a shot other than if he
comes down the edge of the field Well Greg and I are set up and we decided
to go against the Stan’s tonight this tree just works out so I can kind of
stand on these limbs and I can actually work around the tree that way if I need
to shoot over here I can wanted the field I can even over to my right Greg’s
right above me and why anticipating the deer he could be bedded down more this
way our wind is kicking that way a bit and the point of the ridge goes this way
and there’s Oaks down there and a bunch of trails you can see on our necks
leading up to this field that fresh scape is right here on the edge of the
field Alex and Logan are just on the other side of this Ridge over here
overlooking a CRP field that butts up against where he saw those bugs come out
last night and they actually heard sparring this morning when they’re
hunting so they know that those Bucks are better doubt in that CRP and they’re
sitting on a huge trail that’s coming right into the field there and they’re
right where one of the Bucks entered the field last night the bigger one that
Alex Saw kind of came from the direction that we’re at right now so
hopefully there’s a whole bunch of them in here and then we can double up
tonight but I can definitely see those guys seeing some bucks tonight they
know they’re gonna be with a hundred and hundred fifty yards of themself right now we just got to the top of this
big 300-foot blob they already to just ran on top of the bluff
200 from the tip of the point that wasn’t for luck in the
parking lot that we were happy I got a slaw is taking the ones and just see
what we see if your sign it’s all morning can’t do that just now like in the sign I mean if
there was a deer bet it there this would be a really good setup but there’s only
one spot where they pretty much come down that Ridge and for the amount of
like white oak trees that we have up here I’d expect to see a lot more signed
so I think we’re just kind of back dragged to where we first came up the
valley and kind of still locked our way up that drainage getting close to that
CRP and then just either still out for the rest of the night sit on the ground
or we do find a tree that looks good we’ll do that it’s books just got a text from Joe just smashed a
giant wait till everybody sees where this thing is middle of nowhere there’s
three miles out there that’s great in a couple more minutes got to keep it down
cool nice so I’m like three miles back here I
know we’re bouncing in these islands and this one’s like furthest back and I
decided hey I’ll make the trek and I got set up in here
got set up perfectly he comes right in I cover the full draw and I was told
you’re on him I don’t know watch a video back it’ll be probably over a minute but
the shot was perfect I’m gonna watch the video back the shot looks great I want
to get down at least get lower because I’m pretty sure I saw him fall over
there it looked fantastic I mean it was a cake shot out I would say double long
heart so all right so I just got out of the tree here you can see it behind me
and my arrow is right over there but I got something better to show you look at
that rack just sticking up let’s go take a look at this thing look at the size of that thing mass so this is probably the buck that’s been
leaving the sign but basically there’s a bunch of islands behind this we’ve been
hopping around trying to figure out where all this big sign is coming from
and this is probably the furthest back island here and they crept in here got
set up on him this is actually the trail that I thought he would come in on
that’s the island he came off of I believe he came off the back of it
because the island itself I think he would have seen me set up so you know
what let’s go take a look for the sake of learning well he could have been
bedded on the backside of all this here it’s hard to say but it looks like it
could be bedding under those trees I got to keep moving here I don’t have a lot
of time to screw around I guess but could be bedding out in those cats under
those a dog wasn’t that dead tree so I’m gonna go take the stand down throw some
clothes over that deer get out probably take us two hours to bring all the
equipment back to the truck and then we got to figure out how we’re gonna get
this thing out of here so I don’t know if we gonna have to go buy packs or how
we’re gonna go about this but we’ll figure it out nothing tonight a win was swirly like I
mentioned before I don’t know if I’d had something to do with it but imagine that
was a night where deer move quite a bit actually I know it was Joe Joe shot a
giant tonight Warb texted us so he’s about three miles back it sounded also
gonna need help with that or what I think they’re hunting pretty far away
from ya how they’re gonna get that thing out of there I’ll be interested to see
what Alex and Hayden saw on the other side but we’re gonna start winding down
and get out of here go back to the drawing board for tomorrow yes that’s
about my camera light we got in here it’s still fairly light up on the field
I want to before we leave just walk up to that field
finish class the room and see if we see any deer and if so where they probably
came out from where they’re probably bedding it you see something Oh what is that when I just popped around
the corner while this brush I can see his ragged just sitting there right on
the edge of the field and I could see his chest patch like he was facing me
and I ranged about 47 yards but I was fairly certain either standing on that
that private field it’s always were able to shoot him I pay good man that they’re
just bad known the CRP I think that makes it super top to hunt these these
deer cuz I think they’re just repetitive right on this he had to been
betting between us on the field because where he’s at he would have if he was
bedding in the woods he woulda came right past us so I’m sure he’s been in
this thick stuff right on the edge of the field
oh that’s nice and chewy look at that arrow you know Teddy yeah I
got a glimpse of and see well good is it a big one at least I would say at least
140 big body on him for sure nice nice maybe he’s the one killing all
these trees I think you saved the forest dude dude you saved the forest you’re
like a hero minions are gonna make songs about you I thought that was Ted no they’ve given
up on Ted killed the one warning I knew this island hopping crap was gonna work
oh right it was it was getting discouraging to a degree yeah
but you know the base discouragement is is you almost need to just go out and
scout a whole bunch of them and then hit the good one yeah but it’s they’re so
remote but I tell you scout one you almost gotta stay there
yeah but uh I mean for you you’ve done it for how many years you know so you
know right we get on this stuff it just take time
yeah I mean but look at it when did we get over here yeah and then when oh when
did we get back here and get in here deep enough and figure things out and
then say okay we’re gonna make the next step yeah and then you drill the thing
you know yeah no I might have to swim a little further out there I know how much
further I can get than three miles though that’s insane
is Aaron come out tonight yeah so it’s out three or four guys that come out
with packs you told my old lungs right three mouths and we’re going through a
bunch of ankle busters and part is a drive out here you drop them a pin so
they’re gonna plug the pin and it’ll save three hours well guys it’s 11:30
p.m. we’re at BP got to put a little rocket fuel
in the old Desert Eagle here because Ziggler and I are going up to help Joe
get this buck out of this swamp made it so it’s a 133 a.m. right now
Zak and Aaron got here a little bit ago we probably hiked I don’t know three-quarters
of a mile at this point we’re about to dip down into the swamp I would say we
got about a two-mile hike little over two mile hike through the swamp we’re
gonna go pack this thing out get the frame pack so work the other day pretty
well yeah yeah I think that’ll be good because if you had the drag a deer out
of this it would be miserable you got the little or they call them helmet
coming how much yeah the hummock seat twist your ankles boss your ankles off
in there so I think the packs will be appropriate we’re headed in do it it’s almost – we’ve made it to the first
island right mm-hmm and this is the one where you guys saw that two year old
buck and those doz mm-hmm so prior to going out there we hunted
this island and Island up there another island up there and when I got out there
that had the hottest sign of any of the islands these islands the acorns are
starting to dry up on the tracks are a little older on these islands wouldn’t
you say some of the rubs were but when I got on there it was hot I mean there was
poop that was fresh from probably the night before the dirt was turned up
scratched up I mean it looks it looks fantastic out there so I knew I was into
something but didn’t know what it’s pretty far as a crow flies
they probably ain’t that bad but right you got to go through all that nasty
crap to get back here it’s Annie that’s a pretty pretty bucket oh yeah
definitely amateur book yeah yeah and the pictures that didn’t show that
character that just like twist to the rack and you know the mass so where do
you think this guy was bedded and relation see you’re over here you know
and you had this one nope the one was actually coming this way there’s a bowl
with hardwoods that goes around each side of the bowl or oaks that go around
you said wall and it’s surrounded by canary grass around the whole thing and
then out in the canary grass are different tiny little oak islands and
then on the math you could see there’s some bedding behind those little oak
islands and there was little sticks and dogwood and red brush and I think he was
on the back of the island or behind the island in that red brush that dogwood
and he worked on to the island how far do you think he moved in from his bed to
you if I had to take a wild guess I would say hundred yards you shot him
pretty early I thought you know and when I came in because the wind was going
that way there’s a hill here I hugged that side and stayed low all the way
around just in case there’s something better down here I mean without knowing
where the bedding was right hugging the downwind sides a good idea because do
you travel the island yeah then they won’t smell where you walked and
everything downwind it’s gonna smell you any right well you guys are the first
killers in the challenge man you can’t say I’m too surprised I guess the second
Hayden killed one he’s still hunting the other day up in the hills and it was
surprising yep leave morning right yeah 11:05 yeah cool eleven o’clock still
hunting through the bedding we went at the starting I mean
I really thought that we’d go into the area right by your campground right and
jump in those swamps find the isolated looks and just kill bucks galore and it
didn’t really work that way but we got in there and there was no oaks and any
of those swamps they’re all up in the hills and it seemed like all the sign
list two three weeks old and that the Bucks had abandoned and gone up into the
into the Oaks and we felt like it would be hard to kill him in the Oh in the
Hills so we’ve kind of strategize to find some sort of March or cattail Marsh
that had that had Oaks or a swamp that had Oaks oak islands and we’re having a
hard time finding them and we called a couple friends of ours that live out
here I’ve got some advice on this marsh but it
we looked what is a three-hour drive this is our third day three hours each
way six hours a day yeah but what’s what’s really interesting and we find
this consistently almost regardless of the terrain or the area that we’re
hunting is the first day or two you’re just you know kind of beating your head
against the door but you’re working closer and closer and like you guys said
a couple days ago you were finding sign here you knew there was a good one in
here somewhere yeah and it just took that progression
and kind of explained what that consists of like because you started way back
there a half mile back there on the first evening when you found the trail
camera mm-hmm the hardest part is knowing what what sign to go past and
what sign to sit on I felt like the sign that we were hitting might be a couple
days old stuff but it was big sign yeah and it was hard to walk past so I think
a couple of cents we thought well we’re probably not gonna see something but I
really can’t walk fast isn’t burning and we just kept working our way back it’s
really like island hopping you know yeah the isolated oaks out here you look
at this huge amass area the Oaks are really limited you know and if you can
get out to those limited Oaks that’s where the Bucks are and that you know I
think it’s probably easier to kill a buck like this the first two weeks of
the season here then it probably is the whole rest of the season
and as you said they’re on their summer pattern essentially when they’re this
remote right they don’t have any pressure and that’s how he was acting I
mean being out that earlier they’re wide open though that’s what I was surprised
about though shot up here this is probably the most grassy island once you
say to him yeah in regards to and those sub islands are even more grassy than
this but you know when you look at back home me and him both on swamps and stuff
and you go back home and islands like this are not this open yeah so it was
kind of shocking to me and you don’t know what you’re gonna get into but the
sign don’t lie you know you got out here in the rubs are here and stuff and you
know we’re on yep big bucks is there work one common theme amongst every
group so far is number one everybody’s mobile like we’re not sitting there
saying spots over and over it’s constantly on the move constantly
adapting to the situation like these guys they’ve been this is the third
evening here right they’ve been pushing deeper and deeper every sit until boom
here he is and we’ve been doing the same thing so as Garrett I think a lot of
guys too big concert on one property you can try to find the best stuff in the
property I mean we first started me and Joel um we hit about four or five
properties before we’re out yeah I mean you just you got to be able to move yeah
and just keep trying different areas until you get into yeah and then when
you hit the sign then narrow your focus yeah and your confidence goes up it
makes it easier to do so at that point cuz then you’re like okay here it is
there’s a big one in here this is super fresh he’s got to be in here somewhere
yeah another good thing to point out too is how quickly we learned I mean I
learned you knew this ready how quickly you burn these oak islands up you get
one set on them those deer come in there they smell you were there and the next
night it’s no good you were sitting on probably the biggest oak island out here
like tonight right last night they’re a bunch of deer in there tonight nothing
oh we got a bit of a chore what time is it it’s got to be three
let’s get in there 240 240 and this thing is three miles back here there’s
no way you’re getting a deer cart back here you know it wouldn’t work with all
those little comics or whatever you call us yeah we could probably throw them to
the shoulders yeah we’re gonna get him cornered up though I’m putting on these
frame packs yeah maybe we’ll have some sunlight to get it around to people
coming in on the main trail we got quote quarter to six 546 we just
made it to the track like it’s time to go back oh let’s go yeah
so we plugged in on X and final result from where we shot the buck to the truck
2.7 4 miles 6 a.m. and now we got a three-hour drive back to camp
well that’s the end of day 4 another buck on the ground we gotta leave though
because if we hang around much longer we’re just gonna be falling asleep so
we’re gonna get on the road hopefully we’re able to make it back bout two many
pit stops and sleep it on the way home thanks for watching that’s a long day you

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