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26 thoughts on “Real estate agents make spoof rap video about Denver’s gentrification

  1. How about we just call it a bad marketing video vs. adding race into the mix. People having an issue about this because it's a song from fresh prince which features a black family, yet it's cool to change little mermaid's color???🤣

  2. Notice the hack didn't report on the amount of racism on the facebook posts from many progressives like him self. Remember kids, its not racist if you are anti-white.

  3. Cringiest thing about this is dude pretending gentrification is a real problem. Ask oneself, why does gentrification happen? Why are the neighborhoods shit but then are made better.

  4. Den-Vair? Jesus. That was the most cringy thing I've seen in quite awhile. And, if I ever get around to selling my house, I know who I won't employ. Just on the basis of taste.

  5. Wow. Wild. Shovin it in the face of all the less fortunate people that left Denver in a mass exodus. Coming at you from the whitest major city in America lol. Definitely cringe-worthy. I mean I worked in Denver for a year and loved it, but even I, as a white person, grew weary of its hipster whiteness haha. Not to mention how expensive that hipster whiteness continued to make everything.

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