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7 thoughts on “Real Estate Wholesaling Explained: How a Double Closing Works

  1. Thanks, Jaren! Thank you, Seth, you two are the "Dream Team" of RE investing. Thank you both for all you do!

    ~Daniel F. Harb, ARRT, RT(R)

  2. Quick question..so how would you require the purchase agreement contract in A and B for $X without having the money already from then end buyer? Is there a waiting period between A and B or what? Dope content by the way

  3. Jaren……I appreciate you, Seth and Retipster….I am using this right now for the first time as I stumbled upon a deal from my land flipping pursuits…..sent the title company this video and asked if they could help and they said yes. Set to close in a month for a quick and seamless 10K profit. You guys are great and I am a proud lifetime member of the retipsterclub. All the best!

  4. Hello great info! ?4U. Where would you find a disclosure form to give to the buyer allowing there funds to be used n the transaction? Thx

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