Renault Clio Estate roadtest (English subtitled)
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Renault Clio Estate roadtest (English subtitled)

They are becoming rare: stationswagons in the B-segment. A lot of manufacturers prefer hight. Look at Peugeot. No longer a 208 SW but a 2008 instead. Renault however, keeps trying. They had a wagon with the previous generation, not a good looking car. And now they try again with the Clio IV. HMeet the new CLio Estate. At least it looks better! This choose is as limited as with the hatch: 2 engines, one diesel and one petrol. Both 90 PS. We are driving the 1.5 diesel right now. It is good for tax advantages in Holland. I prefer this diesel over the petrol engine, because of all that torque. The Tce needs more revs. So that add something when you have to choose between the two. I really like the way the car drives. Same as with the 5 door. Very good handling, feels very smooth. Here, when you enter a corner, it remains very level, but it never is uncomfortable. Renault knows how to find a good balance between the two. That used to be different. Of course this is no sportscar, but it shouldn’t be anyway. Steering: light and direct. Feedback could be better, but for a car like this that is not a problem. Interior is the same as with the hatch. Looks like fun, but a lot of cheap plastic. A new system they lauch on this car, R link, a kind of tablet based multimedia system, It combines stuff like navi and music with social media and email. Something new in this segment. Estate means a lot of space lets see. Well here a double floor: 440 litres total. When you move the bench you get 1360 litre. Lets check out the back. legs can do better, headroom is okay. But again, for this segment good enough. Total: very nice car. Not that expensive if you want a full option one. I must say, the interior could be better, but oh well that is taste. + Good engines, looks good. – Not as much space as competition, interior looks cheap.

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14 thoughts on “Renault Clio Estate roadtest (English subtitled)

  1. Leuke auto. Leuker dan ik had gedacht eigenlijk, je hebt natuurlijk weinig keus in het B segment met "stations", maar als je er dan toch perse 1 wilt hebben dan denk ik dit wel degene is die het leukste smoelt.

  2. anders adviseer je de mensen lekker een diesel omdat ie vrijgesteld is van de mrb…. lekker bezig autoweek! In 2014 betaal je weer het volle pond. Wakker?

  3. …what?

    What are you talking about? It's right there! See that CC sign in the control bar under the video screen? 😉

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