Residence Hall: Singles Complex
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Residence Hall: Singles Complex

[MUSIC PLAYING] STEPHANIE: Welcome to Wendel. My name is Stephanie. I’m a sophomore biology major
from Plainfield, Illinois. This is the main building
for the singles complex. This is where we can
all get our mail. If you have a package that is
too big to fit in the mailbox, you can get it from Bessie or
whoever else is at the desk. You can also rent out
a vacuum from them. I live in Elmwood which
is right next door, so follow me to my room. And this is the second floor. It’s a coed dorm. I love living here. It’s nice and quiet. We have a laundry room on this
floor for all three floors. We have men and
women’s bathrooms and we have a
circular floor plan. This is my room so come on in. I can comfortably
fit a futon in here. My two favorite
things about my room would actually be my bed
because I get to sleep on it and it’s so comfortable. And my closet because we have
a shelving unit on the top and shelves along the side. And I’m still able to
fit my shelving unit at the bottom and my drawers. With the single dorms,
they come with drawers underneath the bed. And they’re very deep so I have
this drawer full of my food. And you can still
fit stuff above. And this is my fridge. My mom’s actual stocked
me up full of food. I’ve decorated my
room with plenty of pictures of my
family and my boyfriend just because I always
miss them while I’m here. And I have white
boards on both walls so that I can do all
of my chemistry and bio without having to
go to the library to study because it’s nice and
quiet in the singles dorms. I have my TV which I can
actually watch Netflix on while I’m doing homework. One of the nice things
about the singles dorms is that we have full
control of our AC unit. So anytime that we decide we’re
cold, we can turn it to heat. Or when we’re hot, we can
turn it back to the cold. There’s no restrictions on it. We get full control. And that’s my room. If you have any more questions,
go to I hope to see you around campus.

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