Residence Inn Anaheim Room Tour & Review – One Bedroom King Suite
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Residence Inn Anaheim Room Tour & Review – One Bedroom King Suite

Hey everyone this is Ben with Honest Hotel
Reviews and today I’m at the The Residence Inn by Marriott at the Disneyland Resort giving
you an Honest Room Tour & Review. This video is not sponsored but if you like
what you see, Give us a like, leave a comment, or subscribe and let our conscience be your
guide. I should mention there are multiple Residence
Inn hotels in the Disneyland Area, this video is for the Anaheim Resort Convention Centre
location at 640 West Katella avenue, This Good Neighbour hotel is one of the newer,
more upscale hotels in the area. The Residence Inn by Marriot offers some great
amenities which we review in some of our other videos so if you’re thinking about staying
here, we encourage you to go check them out. When we first entered the hotel room it was
immediately clear that this was a higher quality room with an excellent kitchen and a very
comfortable living space, especially for longer stays. The room provides a complete kitchen including
a full sized refrigerator with an ice maker in the freezer, a cook top, a dishwasher,
and a great selection of pots, pans, dishes and cooking utensils. The kitchen is topped off with a four seats
so you can eat at the counter and transitions nicely into the living area. The sectional couch is a pull out so you can
sleep an extra two people. When I usually walk into a regular hotel room,
I feel a little claustrophobic. Having the extra living space really makes
the suite a comfortable environment to spend time in. The King bedroom was spacious with a full
sized TV and a large ensuite bathroom. The bed was firm but comfortable, there were
more than enough plugs for all your devices and had plenty of storage for clothes in the
closet and in the drawers. The bathroom was terrific. We had lots of space, a single vanity and
a spectacular walk in shower that brought great pressure and consistent temperature. The bathroom included premium Paul Mitchell
tea tree toiletries It also has a hair dryer, lots of extra towels and was separated from
the bedroom by a heavy duty rolling barn door. because bathroom sounds should stay in the
bathroom. We rate each room on four categories which
are, Cleanliness & condition, comfort & security, In-room amenities and Value. As soon as we walked into the hotel room it
was clear that the room was extremely clean and smelled fresh. When you have a kitchen in the room there
are many places that could be unclean, however everything was spotless and the bathroom was
white glove clean. The only issue we found was that the fridge
had marks and a sizeable dent on it so we’ve given them a 4.5/5 for cleanliness & condition. Sound can be a big issue when you’re staying
at a hotel at the residence inn we were finding that we weren’t hearing any noises from the
surrounding rooms or in the hallway throughout our stay. The bed had a new mattress with soft sheets
high quality pillows the ac unit was quiet and maintained a consistent temperature. For comfort and security, the suite scored
fairly well with a few exceptions. The biggest frustration we found with this
room is When the bathroom door was closed, the closet was open and when the closet was
closed, the bathroom door had to be open. it seems minor, but this became frustrating
when both of us were trying to get ready at the same time. Another minor issue with the room was the
very shallow drawers for your clothes. Lastly, the bed was a little firm for our
liking, however that’s just a personal preference of ours just keep it in mind if you plan on
staying here. We felt extremely safe and comfortable in
this room. So we’ve given this category a 4/5. When staying in a more upscale suite, we expect
a higher level of in-room amenities and the Residence Inn didn’t disappoint. As mentioned the kitchen was fully stocked
with all the tools you need to cook most meals. Such as a toaster, microwave, cooktop, and
a full-sized coffee maker. If in-room coffee is not your style, they
offer a great coffee and tea station downstairs, plus there is a Starbucks less than a block
away. The only thing that’s missing is some form
of oven. The flat screen tv’s can access many of
your streaming services including Netflix and hey, YouTube. The closet had a safe, Iron, ironing board,
extra bedding, pillows, a luggage stand and plenty of extra hangers. and finally The shower is one of best we’ve
come across in the Disneyland area. The only thing the room would benefit from
is a speaker device to play music from your phone. For in-room amenities we’ve given them a
4.5/5 The Residence Inn is a more expensive hotel,
but it offers excellent value. It was great to have a full Kitchen for our
stay, but the best part of the suite was that it felt more like a home than it did a hotel. Many similarly priced hotels don’t offer
the same level of comfort, amenities and qualities that you’ll find here, so we’ve given
it a 4.5/5 This gives the One Bedroom King suite at the
residence inn by Marriott an overall score of 4.38/5. If this hotel is in your budget, we highly
recommend you consider staying here as it’s one of our favorites. For more information on the residence inn,
check out our overall hotel review, our breakfast buffet video and our pool & fitness centre
tour. If you’re considering other hotels in the
Disneyland area we post new videos every week. Head over to our youtube channel or check
us out at for more hotel recommendations and travel tips. I’m Ben and this was another honest hotel

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