Resident Evil 2
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Resident Evil 2

– [Dunk] Look, guys. This place has hamburgers. Let’s go ou-
I’m gonna get some hamburg- Okay.
Well, I found the- uh… I found the dead bodies. But I’m still… No sign of a hamburger yet. I don’t know what is- My god! It can’t be! Pizza! It was all a lie. – [Leon] “This can’t be.” – [Dunk] I know! The sign clearly said “hamburgers”. Yeah!
Tear it down! These people are hungry! See this? And there’s no hamburgers in this entire building! Oh! The women’s bathroom. So, this is what it’s like. Women. Am I right, fellas? (Giggle) For those of you who’ve, uh, played Resident Evil You know that the knife is the-
One of the most efficient weapons you can use you here. I mean, really.
‘Cause ammo is scarce. You-
‘Sup? Oh! Oh!
They use the knife! Why didn’t I think of that? – [Leon] “What the-?!” – [Dunk] That’s a zombie. (Chuckles) That’s-
(Laughing) That’s called “a window”! You stupid ass zombie. (Chuckles more) These guys! So dumb! So fucking dumb! (Glass shattering) Uh-oh! There’s gonna be a zombie in here. Watch! There’s gonna be a zombie. Right when you open, there’s gonna be- Ah-
AHH!!! (Chuckle) I didn’t think there would actually be a zo-
(Laughing) Come on, now. Using up- Making me use up all my bullets here, huh? Come on. Come on, now. Why you gotta be like this? This is like Black Ops 4 all over again. Woah!
(Glass shattering) Oh, shit.
(Laughing) Hey! Oh, it’s just that guy. Hey! hey!
Come on! Come. Eat my guy. Go on. Just grab-
Grab my head off. Just rip it off and eat my head. Go on. I’m right here! Come on! Just eat my- Okay, I’m thinking that maybe we shoul- We should run away from this guy. He seems a little more menacing than the other zombies.
(Laughing) Let’s just g- I can’t- I don’t know how to get rid of him.
(Laughing) No, no, no. Yeah!
I’m- I’m thinking, ya’ know, maybe the knife- It might not work on this guy.
(Laughing) So, we’re just gonna keep… …running away from him. – [Marvin] “There you are…
Come here, take a look.” (Tapping key) – [Leon] “Yes!” – [Dunk] Oh god! Oh god!
(Laughing) No-ho-ho. Leave me alone! Go away! Oh go-
He’s turning around! He’s- (Laughing) You can’t get me. You can-
Oh! Oh! (Laughing) You can’t get me. Doggy! Oh! Bad doggy! Die… OH! (Chuckle) Shit! Go, go, go, go, go… Go, go, go… Oh! Okay. – [Leon] “What the-?!” – [Dunk] That’s a zombie! – [Leon] “What the-?!” – [Dunk] THAT’S A ZOMB-! Oh my god… I can hear his- I can hear his footsteps. The big guy’s coming. (Giggle) Oh, no! Okay, he’s in here. He’s in here. Go! Go to the ledge- Go to the ledge-
(Laughing) (Giggle) Come on, you basta’. Get- Oh, fuck. He didn’t like that one.
I shot the hat off. (Laughing) He’s going a lot faster- Alright, buddy… You wanna fuck with me? I got the knife. How ya gonna beat the kn-? Calling it, right now. The body’s-
Yep. Gonna inspect the body, body’s gonna come back to life, fucking bite me on the face, kill me… This is bad. Oh, god. Uhhh… Okay… (Zombie screaming) (Cartoon Foghorn Sound) Look at this guy. (Chuckling) This guy really sucks. (Chuckling) Alright… We’re just gonna leave that guy there. Now… Gotta-
OH, SHIT! Alright, I dealt with that guy. Nah- Yeah!
We’re just- No.
We’re just gonna put that one back. Holy shit! There’s so many zombies in here. How do you even get past that? Oh.
Here we go. Let’s go this way. Yeah! Now, this is the one- Oh my god!
(Laughing) Goddamit! – [Leon] “Give me a break!” (Laughing) – [Dunk] Dinner time… over. I’m so cool, you guys. Oh.
What is this? You want dessert? Do you want… ice cream? – [Leon] “Back up!”
– [Dunk] Or a gun? (Anime laugh) Hope you learned-
Oh, fuck! He’s still alive! No!
He’s eating my shoes! Noo! No! (Chuckling) Yuck! Boom! – [Leon] “What the-?!” – [Dunk] That’s a zombie. Jesus! Just die! Die!
(Laughing) God! Alright! (Zombie grunting) (Laughs) Come on! [OUTRO]
♪ “Mall Music 2” – Dead Rising OST ♪

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100 thoughts on “Resident Evil 2

  1. dunkey's nervous laughter when Mr. X chases after him is hilarious and adorable at the same time

  2. After reading through the first 50 comments on this video, I have officially proclaimed that the dumbing down of the human race is a raging success. Then again, this sample is filled with mutations.

  3. "Im thinkin that the knife might not work on this guy so were just gonna keep runnin away."

    runs into a dead end hallway

  4. Leon is weird. First, he’s s scared police officer, then he’s a badass, and the whole time he never once asked for spaghetti and meatballs or for a pristine copy of bookworm adventures deluxe, and also, he seemed to be confused about how zombies existed even when he was literally in a police station chock-full of them. He’s either smart and brawny, or a dumbass noodle. Who can tell?

  5. 1:04 this area looks like the layout for the P.T map. The balcony, the area where the phone was and the door you proceeded through

  6. I had a friend lend me this game when it came out. My 8 year old mind couldn't handle the spooks, gore, and the lickers. He also introduced me to Blair Witch on top of that. lol

  7. When you shot the big gray guy he was like, "Oh no you didn't. That was my favorite hat! Imma get you now."

  8. 4:21
    The last video I watched from you was Splinter Cell , and you ended it saying you were BARELY racist…
    Yeah FUCKING R I G H T ! ! !

  9. You know it's funny. I never played Resident evil 2 before the remake, but I knew Mr. X was in the game. Playing as Leon when I was about to walk past the downed helicopter, I about shit myself when I saw Mr. X.

    But seriously. Just the sounds of the footsteps freak me the hell out.

  10. leon: sees a zombie WHAT THE leon again: sees a tyrant WHAT THE leon: sees a licker WHAT THE leon: sees a human WHAT THE

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