Resident Evil 6 Gameplay part 23 Happy Birthday Ada Wong
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Resident Evil 6 Gameplay part 23 Happy Birthday Ada Wong

welcome to the awesome even though I’ll
know outstanding gaming channel Joseph gamer flight my name’s Joseph so welcome
back to another of resi vocês guys so welcome back I still another game by
Reggie well six so on my last game play we ran to Leon s candy in his new
partner holiday know whoever her name is so we said kill her sister oh fuck
alright Ollie fuck all right come on there we go
you did alright okay that close call right get her close call into who he
sent that kill her naina sister Debra so oh fuck
alright let me see I know him TuneIn ass i real my diary is it there yes
fat boy down I repeat that boy is down oh hell no pop aah man
oh shit oh man five years ago sit Ohan got a key yes oh if I open it open it alright bye-bye all right a Lhasa Ollie fuck no hell no oh is it alright grab it
holy shit I’m running fast I can fuck oh is it all right
jump down so I go through here oh you fuck and just how awesome yes I did oh okay that was ghost call ma’am yeah we got like attacked three
time guys three time all right here we go at least I got more um ammo that good
alright awesome awesome I need some more arrow and he some more except pick up to me skill pal
oh come on what now Oh oh no oh if all right Damir all right come on holy shit well something moving ah come on my dad
yes got someone die ray die area ahi there something moving also yes some
more awesome awesome what the heck is this ah come on ah fuck sit okay i’ma try to kill it my diet all right they’re real but now oh come
on give me a break I mean how many guys I had to kill I
mean II I don’t have enough of exposing on arrow today so I don’t know
I’m me or laughs I got I got like four left
Oh Michael’s ball here we go elisee goddamn feed them more please no
more please okay cool all clear all clear not good
all right so we go this way all right so we here looks just like me no wonder Leon is
confused enjoy the show
yes it was quite revealing how do you mean well correct me if I’m wrong but
isn’t it you on this tape Aida you’re the one behind me Oh umbrella don’t know
what you’re talking about Simmons would never be foolish enough to show his
cards he and his family want one thing to stabilize and sustain the system but
you you want to destroy it in the world’s will blame you damn if she wants
a game she’ll get one with the real an old friend Simmons a toll on let’s
ditch the pleasantries and get right to it
that little doppelganger you brewed up just told me she has her heart set on
destroying the world looks like the race is on let’s see who comes in first all right guys so I’m gonna stop right
here for a moment so thank you for watching of raisable 6 Irie preacher
don’t forget it put the like subscribe comment share it take four check out my
phenomenal awesome outstanding gaming channel joso get my
flight guys all right guys so see you next gameplay of vegetable 6 all right
guys see

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  1. Alright guys welcome back to my another awesomely gameplay of Resident Evil 6. Yowie Wowie I hope you all enjoyed my gameplay and my channel of Joseph Gamer4life.

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