Russell Brand on the New Era Estate rent row
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Russell Brand on the New Era Estate rent row

Personally, what does it mean to you to be involved? What it meant for me, it just sort of really reminds me of my own childhood The sense of lack of power that you can have if you feel that there’s no-one out there representing you No-one out there looking after you I was so inspired when I first met these women and it made me think that… it made me realise… I learned a lot about politics from these women, that if you take things into your own hands directly interact on issues that are important to you, then you can make a difference Reporter: Part of the problem is the super-rich buying property in London, isn’t it? How much did you pay for your place? Brand: It’s rented Reporter: What kind of rent are you paying? I’m not interested in talking to you about my rent mate, I’m here to support a very very important campaign and you, as a member of the media, have an important duty to help to represent these people not to reframe the argument in a ridiculous way Reporter: But it’s still a point, isn’t it? The demand that the super-rich are putting on the London property market You are part of that problem, aren’t you? Brand: No, absolutely not, I would completely deny that. I’d say I’m part of the solution People coming together to amplify the voices of ordinary people – that’s precisely what’s needed There’s no greater, more expensive piece of real estate in London than that one, and the people in there are the people that have the obligation mate, let’s not get distracted Reporter: I’d say your house is nearly on a par Brand: Yeah well it’s rented, we don’t know the value, you’d have to talk to my landlord Blessedly I can afford my rent and I’m prepared to stand up for people that can’t. It’s been lovely talking to you Campaigner: At least Russell Brand’s actually standing up regardless of how big his house is and coming down and helping ordinary people Brand: And maybe if the media didn’t turn on people as soon as they stand up Reporter: I’m not turning on her Campaigner: Let’s see if David Cameron’s prepared to come out of his big house and help us He isn’t, is he, but Russell Brand has and thank god there is people like him, who’s prepared to step out and help people like us Otherwise, we wouldn’t be here today, we wouldn’t have 300,000 signatures, we would have been kicked out and booted out of London Brand: Yeah, snides like you mate undermine it. You’re a snide. Brand: Alright, let’s do one

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100 thoughts on “Russell Brand on the New Era Estate rent row

  1. Well said Russell – I have a lot of respect for Channel 4 News, but they do seem to be veering towards a salacious/gossipy slant rather than serious news. Pretty sad really. Glad to see they posted the full clip here.

  2. He's a top grade manipulator.  How he uses his body language and voice should really be studied by anyone who wishes to get away with murder.  If he has any talent at all, it is here.  Look how he points his index in that guy's face just like that and how he increasingly violates his personal space.  Finally, grabbing and literally dragging that woman unto the shot as if she is some object he can just push in front of the guy's questions.  Priceless.

  3. Fucking people that like to talk at the same time and accomplish nothing , someone give someone a half a second to make a point your whole point wont completly fall apart if you wait for the right moment , come on people

  4. You cannot ask Russell about his money because he doesn't have anything from taxpayers.He spend his own money and they are not stolen and not coming from taxpayers.He didn't targeted any vacancy position in Westminster also.Before you call him hypocrite you better open the dictionary and find out what this word means.

  5. LOL, come live where we live @[email protected] Russell to prove them wrong. Not!! you would probably get in a fight and mugged or attacked etc with these goons who prowl our streets. Stay safe lol

  6. The public need people like Russell as he is bringing a lot of attention to these issues which otherwise would be ignored if he never.

  7. Seriously reporters should have learnt by now that Russell is a king that is never caught off guard. Idiot little journalists trying to trip him up. They don't know that he has a tongue of gold and the truth behind what he says, nothing can mess with that.

  8. Does he know he is complete and utter knob…..what a hypocrite. Maybe he should invite those tennants to live with him…..tosser. He is a mouthy non doer.

  9. Look at the way he puts his hands on the reporter and roughly grabs & pulls the lady towards him to defend himself. He got owned bigtime & he got aggressive.

  10. Yes we need rich liberal hypocrites like Russell Brand, to tell all us sheep who have to work hard everyday of our lives, doing real jobs that most people have to do to survive. Does Russell Brand actually think he represents us?

    He has it so easy in so many ways in his life, ways other people can only dream of, must be nice to have so much money you can walk around protests all day spewing all the shit that comes off the top of your head.

  11. I cant help thinking theres some sort of personal gain for Brand in all of this. He is a hypocrite, anyone who drives around in a V8 Range Rover and shouts people down for not using public transport is not true to their beliefs, owning a huge mansion he rarely even lives in and highlights the housing difficulties. Obviously there are plenty more more holes in his moralistic approach to criticise and not actually produce anything. So yes, I believe he he speaks for the general public, but he is not the general public. I think there is a personal gain in his agenda which is not entirely focused upon what he wants us to believe.

  12. The journo has a point. Just because Russell brand stands next to the man or woman that isn't happy about something and expresses himself in a way that resonates with those people… It doesn't mean he is one of them. He gets paid for his opinion. Because he understands the problems that affect people in society, he can relate and identify with them. He talks about more realistic issues in society, which affect the common man woman. Is it a solution though?…maybe for him.

    You could even say he is making money on the backs of the the politicians do…like rehabs do…like support workers do. Its all a symptom…Russell brand is a symptom…who uses other symptoms to his advantage…like most of the world.

    I'd want home security to though…who doesn't? I'd like to live in an expensive gaff in London. Let's see if any of Brands actions create change…

  13. I do not like Channel 4 news, but it was thanks to this that made me realise how much of a champagne socialist Brand is. Been found out as a hypocrite more than once

  14. That journalist was a total wanker, using gutter tactics by pointing out Russell has money so he can't rally against the rich. If he did have money/celebrity status then no one would listen to him you stupid fuck. I'm glad he was shown up for the slime he was.

  15. give russell brand a break….he IS HELPING the WORLD with his celebrity….just like Tom Shadyac…and idk who the hell else…but he's part of the solution not the fucking problem….yes i was a journalist…and i know how fucking retarded they can be

  16. "don't criticize me for being a hypocrite, just look at me when i cry for attention to push my ego and wash away my remorse on a problem that would be easy to fix, when people like me would be less egomaniac and greedy, because i am a part of the solution which is called: mercy for the weak"

  17. So according the suggestion by the snide reporter, if Russell Brand can afford to pay high rent, he's not qualified to help those who can't!!! Typical media scum!

  18. People are distracted about Russel Brand money? The main thing is here THE UNION OF DISADVANTAGED WOMEN!!!!Dont talk about Russel Brand money!!!Without Russel Brand this video wouldnt have over 2 million views!!
    Yah if you want to talk about Russel Brand money you can do it, the question is why?Why people are more interested about that issue then this fantastic union! People need to unite, people need to have a voice! Dont get distracted about the main subject!!!!That is what people on the top want!!!

  19. I think the aim of the interviewer was to paint him a negative light or to agitate him. But in the end all it did was increase the publicity for him and his campaign, when this video went viral. haha

  20. That reporter is such an asshole. So what rich people cant help poor people without being accused of hypocrisy? Disgusting work Channel 4.

  21. Remove Russell brand from the scene and the unfairness and indignity will continue only without a famous voice that speaks out against it. How can anyone who considers themself a wholesome human being want to undermine the actions of this imperfect man, what are you doing beside spewing hatefulness? pity you bitter souls.

  22. I don't know if it is hysterical or tragic that Brands followers follow without question. Yet  under the delusion they are awake….   Brands "revolution" really is for morons.

  23. Why so much hate? Finally a guy who has celebrity status wants to help….. Only to find people hate him for doing that haha! Strange you lot

  24. Russell is using his voice as he said to amplify the problems present. These issues wouldn't get any media coverage whatsoever but Russell is happy to give support and stand side by side people battling to survive. He's standing up for just ordinary people that are having their properties taken away from them, pretty special if you ask me; this isn't to glorify himself and there's nothing for him to gain. he just understands ordinary people because he is one… You do not have to be poor to help the poor people, if you are rich or poor they will say either way your opinion isn't valid, sod off.

  25. Once Again that's channel 4 news, "THANKS FOR THE TALBLOID JOURNALISM!"-Jeremy Corbyn. Russell Brand 2-Ch4-00 I give that scoreboard because watch Jon "blow"" Snow's atrocious Paxman style hit job when he had Russell Brand on to talk about Drug laws and more months before this.

  26. hate to say it but the rat weasel faced reporter does have a point though, people like Russell are the reason the rent is astronomical and they wanna push these people out to make more luxurious houses.

  27. When you're in a position of wealth, it's not hard to help those less fortunate than you. The fact that it's not a fait accompli is really quite perplexing.

  28. Every time I see one of these comments saying "the reporter had a point" I can just picture the alcoholic divorcee with a busted face jealous or Mr. Brand, HA!

  29. "I'm not interested in speaking about my rent" time to sideline the point lol what a twat if he was such a freedom fighter ay
    Never actually seen him debate a point and not act like a jumped up holier than thou dickhead

  30. Lol snide Irish fucker. I don't give a stuff if Brand has a ton of money at least he stands up for people who don't!!!!!

  31. Just raw emotion,when you want to respond with violence but hold it together.Russell has done more for people than that little gerbil.

  32. Why can't people stop to appreciate that the only way he's going to have a voice is by actually sneaking his way on to the elite mothership to infiltrate from the inside out? This is what he's doing. He's been very clever to find this platform, much to the annoyance of those who don't want to be exposed for their greed and morally repugnant practices. At least he stands there and is fucking transparent about his success and using that louder voice to help speak out about this issue. The cretin government in their ivory towers and the odious press they are in cahoots with are the real enemy here.

  33. excellent example of how conservative news assholes try and bait certain information as to change a headline, and write their own FAKE NEWS! He was more interested in bashing Brand for having an expensive apartment, (and I'm sure political stance) than focusing on the help those women need and deserve!

  34. What gets me about brand is he is without doubt a champagne socialist but if labour ever came to power and raised the upper tax rate as they plan to do I can almost guarantee he would be one of the first rich people to up sticks and move out of the country to avoid the huge amount of tax he would have to start paying ,and that is what makes him a hypocrite ! He would move back to the states or anywhere he didn't have to get soaked by his lefty buddies in labour !

  35. LOL he doesn't like it does he! mind you the media could have a even more field day If they Interviewed mega rich celebs like Richard Branson, Jk Rowling, George Clooney, ect on their hypocrisy.

  36. Good cause but as usual it's the wrong guy that's fronting it. He's a nice guy but he can't debate, looks really condescending and on most occasions gets a lot of facts wrong. People following this guy could end up worse off . Facts rather than charm thanks.

  37. Is this turning into a channel 4 thing reporters and anchors pissing off interviewees to make them look bad? With the Peterson, R D jr etc.

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