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She’s So Cold | Some Estate Stories

Late November mornings in Northern California
are turning cold. It’s near Thanksgiving. It’s a time that stirs memories. As I got up this morning I thought “it is
really cold.” And, soon thereafter a song started playing
in my head. Psychology Today calls these earworms. They’re the song version of “Groundhog
Day.” And the song snippet that came uninvited to
my mind was … The Rolling Stones “She’s So Cold.” OK, I thought – lets have some fun with
this. So, I’m going to use a few song snippets
to describe some trust cases where the prime wrong doer was really cold. This is not a pass for men who do similar
acts. It’s just that the Rolling Stones songs
says: “she’s so cold” – not “he’s so cold.” So, with the need to protect confidentiality
in mind, I’ll broadly generalize some instances where “she’s so cold.” “She’s so cold…Like a tombstone.” Speaking of tombstones, I’ve seen cases
where a decedent’s daughter wouldn’t allow the placement of her father’s tombstone
for until she got her way from her father’s estate. I’ve been appalled when a parent ‘s ashes
are withheld from burial or possession by other family members as bargaining chips for
an heir to get their way. Still others where a mother, isolated from
her children by the acts of one child, dies and is buried long before her children receive
notice of her death. How about a case where the trustee, having
no right to the decedent’s body, fought the decedent’s sister from claiming the
body. She lost. But that was cold. More Mick Jagger observations – “She’s
so cold – She was born in an arctic zone.” It’s pretty cold when a daughter takes her
incapacitated mother out of state, sells her mother’s house, pockets the money, keeps
her mother’s whereabouts secret from her sister, and takes a long time to let her sister
know that their mother died. It’s probably colder when a daughter and
her husband get their mother to unknowingly transfer her house to them and then evict
her mother once title is in their name. It’s near freezing when a granddaughter
unduly influences her incapacitated and blind grandmother to freeze out the grandmother’s
two daughters from her estate. That’s enough of “She’s so cold.” I’ll see what I can do some other time about
songs that describe some bad things that “he” did. I know that I can’t use the Chiffons “He’s
So Fine” for the source of that inspiration. Because there are a lot of cases where he
isn’t fine at all. Anyway, it’s getting cold outside. Stay warm and have a great Thanksgiving. Thank you.

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  1. Have a great Thanksgiving too! The Stones have some of the best lyrics 👍 and Hackard Law has some of the very best and most helpful videos.

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