Spark AR – Photogrammetry + Target Tracker Instagram | Display Land
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Spark AR – Photogrammetry + Target Tracker Instagram | Display Land

Welcome to Emiliusvgs! As you know, I really like photogrammetry. I think it’s a great process to get 3d scenes of life itself. In the quest to find new tools, I discovered a new one called Display Land from Ubiquity6, an augmented reality startup that has received financial support from many entities. In November, one of his first projects came out. This is a social platform that invites users to scan their world and share it with their friends and general public. This is the central idea of ​​Display Land. Let’s try this tool and work a simple example within Spark AR. Accompany me… One of the qualities that Display Land has is that we can export the work in obj, gltf and more formats and this can obviously be used on many platforms to create augmented reality and virtual reality. In my case I’ll do an exercise for augmented reality. I went to one of the most beautiful parks in Lima, Peru. I’m talking about “El Olivar” … There I scan several spaces. It should be noted that Display Land makes photogrammetry of environments, but not specific objects. Keep that in mind. By the way this is a free application for both iOS and Android, although its iOS version is better worked. I will scan this tree carefully to have the best possible quality. The photogrammetry process is similar to the other programs: you have to rotate around an element to capture all possible spaces and shapes. This is the key piece for three-dimensional digitalization. The points we see are the spaces captured by the system. Display Land asks you for a minimum of capture so that we have a certain quality. Look at the progress bar … I have not completed the bar, I know that doing that requires a much more complex process with details that I still cannot achieve. Just keep in mind that to reach that level of quality, processing may take a few hours to complete. Once we finish. We put a name, a location and upload it for processing and wait… As I said before, the whole process usually takes depending on what you have captured. This first capture took between 15 to 20 minutes. And this is the result! At first it can scare you because it has captured a lot of information that you were not aware of having mapped. Fortunately there’s the editing function that allows you to cut only the elements you want to display to the public. I commented that the application tries to have high standards of privacy. I recommend you read all the necessary information … We can also record tours like a street. As for example this small street that when mapping it allows you to really have a complete panorama. With only 25 seconds of recording we have a decent result. As you can see, I was able to create a map of my route, tha’s why the 3d element is a little longer than the previous one. I wanted to record a sculpture and happily in the park there was one of a priest so I decided to record it. Keep in mind that the light factor is decisive for the project to go well. As you know I have walk around to the sculpture, but the terrain was somewhat rugged and there is a large tree that gave shade These conditions were not adequate for the recording process but in the end the result surprised me The problem with this recording is related to his dark face that could not be traced correctly by the light and shadow of the tree Now we go to the other interesting part: Download the files, work them in blender and use them within Spark AR We are currently going to download two files To do that you have to share the link of your “Display Land” project and watch it in a WebXR compatible browser Then you have to log in with your account and you will have all the necessary access to edit and with edit I mean you can cut the scene, but also add 3d objects and many more things … well let’s download it There are many formats like GLTF and also in OBJ format Let’s download Now we will do the same with the 3d object of the priest Let’s download Now we will import the 3d file into blender. We see that there’s all the information on the stage.Maybe you didn’t expect that, Well that’s not an impediment. Let’s edit it! We will eliminate the vertices and edges that we do not need to be able to have it inside Spark AR. Now we will do the same with the object of the priest in blender Already in Spark AR we are going to use the new marker for Instagram: the target tracker. I leave my video tutorial in the annotations. Well let’s add as a texture of the target tracker, my Emiliusvgs logo. Now we are going to add the 3d scenes that we will scan into assets. In this case I will use the priest and the street … you will see how the effect is. When we upload the files, you will see that the textures are properly exported. When exporting it in blender I used the FBX extension. Now we will use a null object to be able to group the 3d files. Within this null object we add the priest and we will adjust the scale. Then we will add the object “street” and also adjust its scale … I think you’re seeing what I want to do …. I will try to join both objects visually so that you have an interesting perception. This is great! Let’s try it in Spark AR Player. The effect and perspective is great! Obviously this is a simple prototype. It is not a finished product, but I leave this project for you to have more ideas and find value in the use of photogrammetry in augmented reality projects. It shouldn’t necessarily be in Spark AR. It can be within unity, 8thwall and more. If you want to see more videos related to photogrammetry with display land. Give me a great like and subscribe! This is all for now! Emiliusvgs says goodbye. Byee!!

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