Strange Disappearances at Phantom Manor at Disneyland Paris
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Strange Disappearances at Phantom Manor at Disneyland Paris

I want a ride on Big Thunder Mountain it’s closed is it not open yet ?
No what will we do ? what is the time ? nearly 10am Phantom Manor that’s a good idea can we fix it 3 2 1 go Let’s go and be enchanted we teased them enough no we will tease them some more, that’s fun fun in a cowboy movie where is my hat now that I have a sore throat I can talk like a cowboy that should work now you need to put some music under this there is music playing it’s not the correct music like in a cowboy movie they walk like this that’s from sitting on their horses all day like this this is the music you need and with my sore throat it will work out, listen I nearly fell from all the talking let’s go to Phantom Manor now Filip, I have a problem do you have ketchup my nose is bleeding if you had ketchup, I could fake a blood nose bbq sauce maybe ? let’s go to Phantom Manor let’s ride yes you need to film yourself now I just did that the viewers want to see it with a sore throat that is not acted let’s go to the vip entrance to the exit we will go to the vip entrance we are going to Phantom Manor they are test riding btm it’s a test driver it says here, it’s open today where do you see that ah, yes, in a cowboy movie closed means it’s open It means otherwise in a cowboy movie is there someone home ? if it opens, it will look like it’s old yes I am sure of that the lion wil attack me there ghosts here Jordi are you affraid they are arround me there is someone behind you where ? where ? nobody it’s a ghost you can’t see them I hear him, but I can’t see him it’s spooky over here Jordi is waking up all the ghosts let’s see if it works will it work ? that’s the emergency exit they are installing a new bathroom inside like I said it will look like it’s old it’s all the fault of number 39 the longer that you walk around, the more ghosts you hear it seems like it where is Jordi ? where is Jordi ? Jordi is gone Jordi is inside Phantom Manor Jordi is gone, he is not here anymore and now ? searching for Jordi let’s search for Jordi Jordi has disappeared and now ? help not possible it’s closed Jordi is gone, there is no one here I think he is inside maybe ? let’s search for him let’s search for him look, even the camera floats where is Jordi I will try to call him no Jordi Jordi is gone let’s search at another attraction maybe he is over there let’s go

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32 thoughts on “Strange Disappearances at Phantom Manor at Disneyland Paris

  1. Has there been any updates on when they will open? Supposedly it was going to open last month and now they have pushed the date back 🙁

  2. Zeer goede en mooie beelden , wanneer krijgen we de volgende episode te zien ?????
    Zou wel willen weten waar Jordi geeindigd is?

  3. O SNAP! Jordi's GONE, LOL! I'm "throwing the accuse" on the Phantom himself (He's the mastermind behind this manor.)! Makes me want to call in Zootopia's Officers Judy Hopps and Nick Wilde (Well, to solve this mysterious case of Melanie and go in for the rescue if possible…), as we work together to defeat this terror and Phantom for good! Justice shall be served once in for all!

    Ha ha, just my creative storytelling to have fun! Awesome editing I have to say! One of the best videos I've seen on this channel!

    Technically, spoiler alert, Jordi is still with you today in life… Thought I got fooled, but not today, lol!

    -Fun times, stay safe now, don't let that Phantom get any closer to you, ta ta!😊😉👍

  4. Oh yes, whoops, I forgot to explain the beginning of my fan-made story before the encounter with the Phantom!

    Okay, here it goes…

    One morning, in DLP, at Frontierland, 2 guys walked up to the Manor Cemetery (One filming, one exploring). That’s when I (Jr. General Kev), went to check it out. Along with out-of-nowhere guests, ZPD Officers Judy Hopps and Nick Wilde, they were searching for clues at the Manor after a case came in from DLP Headquarters. When all of a sudden, Jordi stared a little too long into the Ravenswood Graves, that resulted in a *poof*! He mysteriously, disappeared! Judy gasped and pulled out her tranquilizer gun as quick as lightning! “What just happened?” said Kev as he pulled out his heavy blaster to join the ZPD Duo. Nick responded, “I don’t know? Whatever that was, it cannot be good!” Wherever it lead to, it had to be inside the manor.

    “Great to meet you 2 again!” said Kev as he reunited. “Name’s Jr. General Kev, if you forgot. Born to be “wild” in combat. Call me Kev, if you prefer.” “It’s a pleasure to meet you again teenager Kev!” said Judy. “Thanks both of you, let’s begin looking for clues as we head into that manor! You ready?” Nick answered, “Ready as always, Jr. General!” Judy responded, “Yes indeed new friend! I’m willing to fight any horror with my optimism and pure determination!” “Let’s go then, there’s no time to lose! The mystery has just begun!” said Kev.

    Introducing: “ZPD X GK Crossover: The Mystery of 2: A Kev Shimada/dlrp fans Fan-Made Story”

    Part 2 is located in the latest community upload! Check it out, if you wish to!

    Other than that, Will the mysterious case be solved, or will it result in all-out tragedy to DLP Park itself? TO BE CONTINUED! 😉

    Until part 3 (I’ll do whatever I can to write it out ASAP), bye!😊👍❤️

  5. Is there any updates on when this will open? I’m going in June and I really hope it is reopened by then. 🙁

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