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33 thoughts on “The Basic Foundation of a Real Estate Investing Business

  1. Hi I'm located just north of Traverse City, MI. Do you have any tips/advice for investing in rentals for rural areas?

  2. Any videos on the differences of purchasing/holding/refi of relistate in an llc compared to regular morgage? Also the difference in income and taxes in an llc compared to sole proprietor?

  3. Do you need a DUNS# if you start a real estate investing company?
    Many thanks the information you offered is just perfect.

  4. With regard to establishing the LLC for your first transactions, is it preferred to have the LLC established in the states that you plan own the properties…OR establish the LLC in the community that we live?

  5. Thanks for the great information. My question for you is: Should you start an LLC first and then buy a property or buy a property first and then start an LLC? I was told that if you finance an investment property, it has to be under your name; or how do you transfer the new property to your LLC after it has been purchased? Any tip would be great! Thanks again!

  6. Great video. Thank you for taking the time to educated.. so very much appreciated. A quick question-How many properties do you put under 1 LLC (or other business entity)?

  7. HI Morris. I have only one rental property (condo). Should I still start a LLC? Is'nt there a fee for starting an LLC?

  8. good tips! How do you get additional financing after the 1st property? How do you get money for vacations and get 20% down for the next property??

  9. Useful info here Clayton, ive made a similar video about getting started with real estate investing. Great video thank you for sharing.

  10. Useful!!!
    Two questions:
    1) Do we buy real estate from the profit part that we takeout (profit first) or does it come from the other part…the expense part.

    2) You mention to keep buying. How can that be done if you are just starting out?
    I just inherited some money so I can afford to buy exactly one investment house…other than the apartment I'm renting for myself.

  11. Suppose I sell Widgets at the price of $100.00 each. I want to make $20 on each one so I take that out. This would leave $80 for operating expense, correct? Suppose, further that it turns out my actual operating cost was $89.00 for each Widget I sold. I am unsure how this is going to work if operating cost exceed the amt allowed by this formula …. Am I missing something here ….

  12. Clayton, that Freedom Number Cheat Sheet is….liberating! If you were to charge $10.00 for it, it would be worth it to me, instead , you give it away free. Y'know, blessings will follow you, my friend.

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