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17 thoughts on “The Home Of George Washington’s Ancestors: Sulgrave Manor

  1. How interesting! Thank you for a piece of GW’s family history that I’d never even pondered. How silly that I’ve never thought of his European ancestors!!! Really enjoyed the bit about Virginia soil under his statue, and the description of the coat of arms was amazing.

  2. Great video – I recently wrote "Shipwrecked in the Land of King Tobacco: The First Washington Immigrant to America" about John Washington and submitted to your library. It's around there somewhere. There are two copies floating around there currently. Let me know if you want one – I'm glad to send it over to you. Warmest regards!

  3. I read on wikipedia that George Washington (and the Presidential Bush family) were descended from the planter known as Richard Cocke of Shropshire England, but I could not find any evidence for this. Is it true

  4. Thank you for this well laid out history of the father of our country. I really enjoyed it and hope to one day visit these sites.

  5. Before Washingtons family moved to sulgrave, they lived for hundreds of years at Washington, Tyne and wear ( formally Country Durham) North East England. That is the ancestral home he refers too when he mention s "northern counties"Jimmy Carter visited Washington hall in the 1970s on a state visit.

  6. It seems ironic that George Washington's ancestors were such staunch royalists during the English Civil War and that it was this that played a part in them going to America in the first place

  7. Thank you for posting this video! What building is behind the statue of Washington, and where in London is it located?

  8. You should have gone up to Washington in Tyne and Wear…the locals would have said "way aye, Geordie boy, haway tha' lad"

  9. And here is a member of this clan, me, just ask and I'll give you answers as I'm the keeper of the Family Washington archives.

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