The Land Between: Great Gathering Places
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The Land Between: Great Gathering Places

[Episode 1 Preview: Great Gathering Places]>>BILL ALLEN: Mazinaw is one of several places,
I would say four places that are great gathering places on The Land Between. And we know this
from archaeological evidence. Each one of these places has a character of
its own. So here at Mazinaw, the eastern-most one within The Land Between, we have a place
of worship, a place where people feel the awe of the land. Then on further to the west, Kinomagewapkong
– we now call it the Teaching Rocks or the Peterborough Petroglyphs, so this would be
the school. And then we move further yet to the west – Couchiching, and here we have Mnjikaning
or Toronto, depending on which language we use. And this would be the restaurant. The fourth place is Beausoleil Island, so
this is the first major stopping place after people leave the interior and get onto the
big water of Georgian Bay. This would be the harbour.>>JILL GARANT: A petroglyph is a rock carving,
into the rock, as opposed to a pictograph, which is also rock art – but a painting onto
the rock surface. So the petroglyphs here at The Petroglyphs
Provincial Park are likely the largest known concentration of petroglyphs found in Canada.

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