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100 thoughts on “The Secrets of Sugar – the fifth estate

  1. 9:23 It's people like Tanaka that allow big business to poison human beings. Anyone in the food industry that is an advocate for the use of refined sugar does not care about the well being of human beings (or you can call them consumers, if you want to dehumanize them).

  2. In the UK we use a lot of sugar to hide the taste of chemicals, some of our imports from the EU are banned in their countries, steer away from fast-foods ! and ready microwave meals, return to home cooking! you do not need sugar in Cottage Pie, Shepherd's Pie, Fish Pie _ or crumble) all ready meals contain sugar ..diet is the secret to a healthy life, not money , our Royal family are a good example of healthy eating.

  3. 22:40 How the hell is bottled water linked to obesity or diabetes? That's a horribly fallacious comparison. Lustig did not conduct his studies on a whim; evidence linking sugar to diabetes already existed. An honest doctor would never disregard those studies as 'biased', Sievenpiper is a charlatan.

  4. "[Sievenpiper] …is among a small group of Canadian academic scientists who have received hundreds of thousands in funding from soft-drink makers, packaged-food trade associations and the sugar industry, turning out studies and opinion articles that often coincide with those businesses’ interests." -National Post ' Canadian researchers have received hundreds of thousands from soft-drink makers and the sugar industry ', 2015

  5. It's never just one thing. Bodybuilders use sugar to power their workouts with things like gummies, etc.
    What's dangerous is when you combine fat+sugar+salt in one product, on top of not exercising.

  6. These big companies only really care about the money not about the consumer. That is sad! We are killing ourselves and they dont care because we are just a commodity. We are blindly indulging in these sugary foods and feeding it to our children!

  7. 22:35 "Methodologists would tell you, 'There's a lot of potential bias' — I could give you one example. Over the same time sugar has gone up, so has bottled water; but, there's no biological plausibility in the link between bottled water and overweight/obesity".

    Refutes himself in his own analogy, gotta love it.


    Premise 1) The argument "Sugar is correlated with diabetes" is perfectly analogous to "Bottled water is correlated with diabetes" in all contexts.
    Premise 2) There is no biological link between bottled water consumption and obesity.
    Conclusion) Sugar is not correlated with diabetes.

    Fallacy: False Premise; specifically, Premise 1. These arguments are actually not identical, which is made apparent when considering premise 2. If the two arguments were the same, suggesting the lack of biological cause for diabetes in bottled water, the same must be true for sugar. The issue is the first premise is not true, the arguments are not the same, because sugar DOES have a biological means of causing diabetes. Where there is diabetes, there is sugar; in fact, diabetes was first known to the Chinese as "Sugar urine disease".

    The syllogism isn't specifically stated, but pay close attention to how he phrases his argument — it will jump out at you after a moment.

    The consensus of the scientific literature before Ansel Keyes was, that refined sugar is the primary cause.

  8. They assumed Lucky Charms was nutritious?! Please tell me the narrator was making assumptions because I do not want to believe those good folks were that simple in thinking.

  9. A lot of beers are made with corn syrup to, Miller light for sure, but there are more, not sure yet about bud, but realistically all beer is sugar water,probably on par with fruit juices, damn shame!

  10. I partied over in Windsor , man them Canadians can pound some beers! Same in sarnia, via blue water bridge, but I don’t know why they come over to the brass rIl in Port Huron when thier beer is so much better?

  11. They want government to step in while they are already in bed with these companies…makes sense

    Its all by design folks…

    The new world order is true

  12. Hold on, back the train up here. Sugar + Alzheimer's???
    I don't think so. My mom is an obsessed sugarholic !! She puts sugar in everything. Including spaghetti, Fried Chicken, and I mean everything!!!
    She is 81 yrs old and she does not have Alzheimer's. Not even close.

  13. Surprise the woman making millions thinks sugar is not the problem. Sugar is poison. Anything not from the earth is not healthy.

  14. I’m 56 years old and I drink approximately 80 ounces of Pepsi per day. I’m a little overweight, but not a lot. I wonder what will happen to my body if I continue drinking it?

  15. The lady is paid by big companies to ease the truth..to manage it..in other words she is lieing.. if you read what you eat..essentially first thing is concentrated fructose syrup..n then sugar alternatives..kids are preyed on…n we indulge our kids…n ourselves by saying it's ok.. once in awhile which ..always leads to more frequent ..so called one in a while… shame on those that decieve..their brothers n sisters.. or does it matter ..no ..the companies still push products..on our kids ..advertising ..TV. video games ..movies.. how sad….

  16. Not true about fructose. The reason fructose will end up damaging the liveris because they don't put the third-party sugar and regular sugar that is found in fruit because all three of them work togetherand there is a lot of water and fruits that help push fiber through and dilute the fructose. The problem with sugars in our foodis pretty much that they don't have any fiber or water in them so they can't delete the sugar and you can't get rid of the sugar as fast as you're taking it in unless you eat fruits. So it's not because you're eating high amounts of fructose.it's because they lack water and fiber to dilute the fructose and get it out of your system right away

  17. This is the best evidence for me that a God doesn't exist. If there was a God… he/she/ other would have made chocolate healthy.

  18. We have been majorly cutting down on our sugar intake, but now will step it up to the next level. Thank you so much for this report you folks have worked so hard for! Shame on our Canadian food inspection agency!!! We need to protest them! Some heads need to roll so to speak! They should be in the unemployment line post haste! They also should be investigated to see if there have been taking any bribes from various nefarious organizations, and prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law!

  19. I love sugar. Gotta stop it.I will drink tea and have stevia in food and drinks.
    Praise God. Is honey good to have instead of sugar.

  20. Molasses is the reason sugar has no nutritional value. So if they left the molasses in the sugar how bad would sugar really be? That what I'd like to know. But no one talks about that?

  21. Knowing full well the evils of sugar, how then does myself(74 yrs. old ) on a fixed income find the money to afford al the healthy foods? All the healthy sugar free , organic, hormone free meat, fruit and veggies are definitely unaffordable. Most of the healthy foods are way out of reach for so many retired seniors such as myself who scrape out a living on such a low income with over half is paid on rent or a mortgage,. Not much left for healthy food after hydro is paid, this is the reality of this subject of eating sugar free healthy food.

  22. Make the healthy , sugar free foods more affordable to people on fixed incomes then watch the worlds health bills go down.

  23. The produce isles are becoming more expensive every time we shop the prices go up, but it’s general knowledge that our pension incomes do not..

  24. Most of the info about sugar is propaganda — just like the cult of global warming. The only molecule that the human body uses as fuel is glucose (sugar) Without it we are dead. Maybe eating too much sugar is not healthy. But most of this is garbage information. Most liberals avoided science classes in school.

  25. Sugar ingestion increase also mirrors opiod addiction increase. Any relationship???? Human enemy #1. Maybe sugar is more sinister than we comprehend. Alcholism is also paired with sugar as well. What do you all think?
    Learn how to read labels everyone!!!

  26. For 40 years I have said this to my children which are Grown Now !!! I don't get a ty for protecting them or nothing and I don't Drink ,Sodas !!! I tried telling my family , my bro.

  27. Did anyone ask Phyllis Tanaka what consumers do if they cannot find any food without added sugar including GMO foods that are bred for sweetness or simply genetically chosen and grown for sweetness. Sugar content in our fresh produce has increased too.

  28. Phyllis Tanaka should be removed. Because of people like her, the food industry can do whatever it wants. She is a huge problem why sugars continue to poison the food. Why on earth do you need sugar in tomato soup? And Tanaka doesn’t see a problem???. She is the problem. US Congress needs to get rid of the lobby. People elect representatives. It is completely illegal and unconstitutional to have lobbyists controlling Congress.

  29. This woman who works for the food company reminds me of nancy pelosi and is doing just as much damage to the American people with her BS.

  30. "No canned foods, no processed foods" — that's easy if you're not dirt poor, and can go to the grocery every 3 days.

  31. Everbody should stop buying Sugar containing foods . We are being murdered by food producers .What a terrible crime ,and that for money . 😎

  32. Here’s what you need to know that NO ONE TELLS YOU: You stop CRAVING SUGAR when you stop EATING SUGAR. It’s so easy to STOP cravings via this method. It’s the KEY to escaping the trap set for you and your entire family.

  33. Your research results are impressive, however, the conclusion should be an all-out ban on high fructose sugar because it attacks the liver.

  34. I was diagnosed with rhumatoid arthritis, the pain in my hands was so severe all I could do is cry. I asked God what to do, He told me to stop eating sugar and quite taking the medicine the R A Dr was giving me. I have been off sugar and all my medicine for six months now. The swelling in my hands and feet is completely gone and i have no more pain. I am proof that sugar causes inflammation and pain. I thank God every day for showing me this. Bible says I can do all things through God who strengthens me .

  35. well then we got to fine them a trillion a day! and see if they got the guts to keep making sugar! having to pay the government a trillion a day to pay for all the free medical we give out  trying to keep people alive! because they cant stop eating the crap!

  36. Sugar consumption is just like any other consumption. Staying ignorant is no excuse. You choose what goes in your body. And how much. Self control..whether its food, alcohol, drugs, etc. You do it to yourself. And your children.

  37. That is what you get when people don't grow mostly of their own crops and animals for their food anymore. back to basics and the land is the only solution for a healthy and honest diet

  38. That's why parents are supposed & do research on what the family's trying to choose before buying not kids
    It's all good for the medical community the sicker you are the richer they are

  39. Do we make SUGAR ILLEGAL?? Look at the damage to health and welfare of the most dangerous ingested legal substance on this Earth!!! Do some research!! I am not suggesting the Domino Sugar website!! Look at the increase of fatty liver and Diabetes!! Look at processed food! You don't have to go back far 1965. Now let us take on legalization of what you may call drugs. What harm has this drug war done in America?? How many millions, Billions, trillions of tax payer dollars have been spent?? How many gang wars? How many millions of families have suffered, suffering the loss of a father, mother, sister or brother?? How many million people have gone to jail for NonVIOLENT ingestion of any substance?? WHO PAYS for the imprisoned?(tax payer) Say we lock up a working being for any nonviolent crime!! The family loses a bread winner!! The family may now need state and federal aid!!! Today the loss of one income crushes the abilities of a family to sustain itself!! So now we have a being in prison we are paying for and the family is on the Government Dole!! If this being ate 4 gallons of ice cream and the drank some Gasoline!! Would we lock them up?? AM I A FREE MAN?? I am for releasing all nonviolent beings from prison!! Who Makes Law??? I believe in most cases it is the elite furthering their own agenda!! If we the People are informed of the danger or damages caused by any product then it is our choice.. Fluoridation of your water harms EVERYONE Ingesting it or Absorbing it though bathing , showers!!! 90% OF ALL PROCESSED FOOD IS PRODUCED WITH FLUORIDATED WATER!! +(((HAS THE PUBLIC BEEN WARNED???)) READ THE TUBE OF TOOTHPASTE!!! DO NOT SWALLOW!! IF SWALLOWED CALL POISON CONTROL!!!

  40. Amazing that Sugar was a foundational product of the Common Wealth… But then, now that I think of it all, that makes complete sense… you have to poison people to make them think they have a right to steal land that has people already claiming it….like North America being stolen from the Indigenous Clans people. …And Europe being stolen from the Indigenous Clans people…. just keep eating and you soon wont remember that you have to keep a sustainable planet to stay alive… oh, looks like most people already flushed that knowledge to stay alive in the era of capitalism. Don't forget that too much sugar in the body also causes Parasitical infection: AKA Gu Worm / toxoplasmosis/ possession syndrome and other more sever infections, which have been proven to control the mind… go figure!!! …can't know a little evil if ya don't eat it and keep your body in a space to incubate a little parasite in ya… Right!! 😉

  41. I am ashamed. I am addicted to sugar. I want to quit, but like any (Addict) I lie. Pray for me please 🙏🏻 . 🙇🏼‍♀️Lord Jesus help me.

  42. It's white sugar. It's bleach.. bleach!!!! Now what's aspartame? Used in rat poison 🤦 real sugar is not white.

  43. Sugar destroys immunity cells. Ref. Muscle n Fitness magazine 1984 is the year I first read that. Sugar is the deadliest drug in the world and it's legal, thanks to the corruption of lobbyists and congress. Thank you for the info about the liver. I would prefer the label said teaspoons of sugar instead of grams.

  44. The only weapon we have is our own will. The will to fight the poison addiction. We are not to blame for consuming poisons that were made to lure us to buys to consumed. Their lure are so good that we only use our sight & taste to decide what we wanted. Our taste buds are even more of the problem to help us to quickly grab the product without even a thought to check the label of what was in it that we are consuming. We never even reads the label when we buys these poisoned products. Then came the addiction to helps us continue on to supports the very people who are killing us. Ever since I became aware of the problem of these poisons, when I go to the store I seems like a nut. The addicted me would grabs all the poisoned foods. The learned person have the final control. After I let loose the addicted person, the other me would put them all back. This is how I shop now. I was suffering from processed foods and sugar addictions. Prior to my addiction to processed food and sugar foods & drinks, I avoid the poisons like I avoid the plague. I cooked my own food and drink only Tea and water. My weight was at the same number for many many years. Then I was forced to live in a different environment. It is hard to not be tempted when everywhere you go is full of temptations that lure you to consume the poisons.

  45. Everytime scientists, nutritionists will realise they r mistaken after sometime because it is not sugar or salt or fats….because it has nothing to do with food, the bible gives the answer it is sins!!

  46. Someone on that production company obviously goes not have a degree in mathematics. 40 kilos is 17.6 give pound bags.

  47. Yeah I have lost 20 lbs also, well sugar causes insulin spikes which is not good. Carbohydrates and starches also convert to sugar and most people don't realize that.

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