Throwing a Dart at a Map & Doing Whatever it Lands On!!! With The Ohana Adventure Celebrities!
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Throwing a Dart at a Map & Doing Whatever it Lands On!!! With The Ohana Adventure Celebrities!

Come on Klailea! [Children cheering] No pick him, pick him! He made me propose to someone in public, so I’m gonna make him
give flowers to someone! Ahhh! What’s up, Fun Squad! We got invited to a celebrity mansion! I wonder what game we’re gonna play. I can’t wait to see their mansion! [Exclaims] This is so utterly epic! Come on, let’s go! [Kaden] Oh, yeah! [Door knocking] It’s the Fun Squad! “Ohana Adventure!” Come on in! [Children cheering] Today we’re going to play something epic! Are you ready? [Children] Yay!! Let’s do this! ‘Cause we’re gonna control the craziest day you’ve ever had! What?! I’m scared! What is it? What are they gonna do? What are we gonna play? Let’s go into the room. We’re gonna show you what it’s all about. I really hope you guys like crazy! Here it is! Wow! You made a map Oh my gosh! Tell us what it is this? What are we gonna do? We have this very fun map, we’re gonna throw a dart for you guys instead of ourselves! What? No! Whatever it lands on you have to do it. I don’t wanna jump in the pool, I don’t wanna brush my teeth with.. [Jase] Mayonnaise! Ahhh! Wait a second, we played this game last time with you, is this payback? Oh yeah!
Totally! That’s right all the mustard we ate you’re gonna be eating mayonnaise. Ahh! Eww that’s way grosser! Auntie Rachel what’s on the map? Well we put a lot of awesome things we’ve got fun mystery boxes and we are gonna get your car! Fortnite dance off! But my favorites are slime bath What! Jumping in the pool with your clothes on. No! Brushing your teeth with mayonnaise. No! Any my personal favorite would be you have to give roses to
a random person in public! There are even fun things like, the money blaster! A Nerf blaster battle, and maybe some water balloon fights! What’s that? Oh snap! This one you might get you get to switch
clothes with your brother opposite gender sibling! But if you’re really lucky, maybe you’ll get the ice cream party. That’s what I want! Okay, I think it’s time
that we threw a dart! I’m so nervous! Don’t worry, they can’t throw! Ohhh!! You know what, we don’t even have a response for that we’ll just throw and let you decide! No, we can’t throw at the good ones. Sorry! [Fun upbeat music] I want them all to jump in the pool. No! Or the slime bath! I’ll jump in the pool over a slime bath. I love slime! Oh Fortnite dance off! All right, Fortnite dance party, our family vs. yours! You guys vote to see whose the best! [Fun dance music] Wait wait wait, is this the Carlton? Oh yeah! I don’t know what I’m doing! [Fun dance music] Okay I’m going for mayo.. Mayo, slime or pool with your clothes on! Anything messy, anything messy! Give me a hundred dollars! Boom! [Children cheering] It is touching both. There is a green peninsular
that it hit but– It hit the purple most. I don’t know? It hit the purple most! We Rock Paper Scissors. Rock paper scissors between the moms! Okay! You’re gonna give me a hundred bucks and then maybe I’ll take
you shopping we’ll see! Cool all right! Here we go.. Rock paper scissors shoot. Woohoo! Best outta three! Rock paper scissors shoot Oh!
[Buzzer buzzing] You better win this! Rock paper scissors shoot! Woo! No! [Slow motion reaction] All right we’re ready pay up sister, pay up! Ummm.. I seem to be out of money! Jase, money! Uhhh.. Wasn’t it you have to give her a hundred dollars not me? What if I’m I’m totally broke How about if you both
give me a hundred dollars! [Laughing] [Cheering] Woo $100 dollars! What are we gonna do? We’re gonna buy the whole store Ummm, maybe an aisle of the dollar store! [Fun upbeat music] I’m just gonna close my eyes and throw it! I wanna toilet paper
their car Evee come on! [Cheering] Let’s do it! We are gonna toilet paper this whole car! Okay you guys can be here, and you can watch but you have to stand behind this line! Nooo! No touching! Let’s do this you guys! [Fun guitar music] Not cool! Not cool! Whoa! What’s gonna happen when we start driving? [Fun guitar music] I think we got them good! Nooo!! [Slow motion] [Fun upbeat music] Okay, which one do you wanna get? Green slime to everyone! A lot higher! [Everyone] Ohhh!!! A bath of slime! We made this awesome slime bath! What do you guys think? What is this? Eww! [Laughing] Gross! That is so slippery! Oh my gosh! That’s so gross! Kids are having way too much fun! Slime bath! I’m so glad we didn’t get slime bathed! Eww! Eww so gross! Woo! [Splashing] [Fun upbeat music] I’m going to get the singing out loud. Come on Klailea! [Kids] Ohh! Pick him, pick him, pick him! This goes to, the person who made me propose in public! Nooo! Ahhh! On our channel he made me propose to someone in public. So I’m gonna make him
give flowers to someone! I wanna see this! Oh my gosh you guys I can’t believe we’re in the dollar store and I’m about to give
flowers to a stranger! Go Kaden go! Quick, they’re leaving. Now’s your chance. Excuse me, I bought you flowers! Thank you so much! Bye! Ahhh! That was the best thing I’ve seen! I didn’t know my son was
gonna grow up so fast! That was so sweet! Thank you! That was embarrassing I hope she doesn’t land on that again! I hope she lands on ice cream! [Fun upbeat music] I want to land on jump in the pool with your clothes on! Come on Wyatt you got this! [Cheering] Okay, I’m gonna get my swimsuit on. No, you have to go in
what you are wearing! Here we go! Yeah, woo! Okay, this is gonna be
good, should we count down? Yeah! Three, two, one, go! [Water splashes] Oh my gosh! [Cheering] Jump, jump, jump! Go Jack go! [Cheering] Here we go! [Cheering] That was awesome! This feels weird! I jumped in my clothes! What do you think Kyler, should we do another dart again? Yes!
All right, Let’s go, woo! We just got wet! Don’t forget to like and subscribe below! And if you haven’t figured it out yet we play the same game on “Ohana Adventures” so go
check out their channel and find out what they had to do when we threw the darts! Link in the description below and we’re gonna have an end
card to their channel as well! [Cheers]

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