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94 thoughts on “Up and Down | Gravity Song for Kids | Pancake Manor

  1. woooww I must confess I'm a number 2 fan of your videos, because my kindergarten students in Hermosillo Mexico are the number one fans. we enjoy very much the music tha videos and the huge job you do in them congrats!

  2. I´m an English teacher and my kids just love your videos they´re great, they love the shapes song and their favorite one is the shake break….please please!!!! keep up loading more great videos….. they´re very helpful for me…..

  3. I also teach English at a kindergarten in Japan. They love your music. Also, my little boy can't get enough. We sing together almost every night.

    I'll buy your album/songs from amazon if they're available. Keep it up!

  4. Thank you so much! We're so happy teachers can use these videos with their students. Very inspiring to hear!

  5. Tuuuuurnnnnnnn Upppppppppp  I miss Ms. Lo's class already.  Boris, Briana, Isaiah, Jonnie, Sue-Sue, Octavia, Donnie, Dominic, Samantha, Ruby, Alexis, Mellee, Jessee, Zaid, Elijah, Ms. Chavez, Ms. C, Ms. Flores, Ms. Candace, Ms. Myra, Ms. Campbell, and Ms. Mitchell already.  I usually don't say this but…Run it back!

  6. That song is nice because a ariplane gose up into the sky and down on the ground because it lands any way its a goob song

  7. I've been meaning to write for so long. I've been using these videos for the last eight months to teach English to first graders, and they love the songs, the videos, and they learn so much with them! Thank you!!

  8. ok I don't see this at class I know that my little broeher comes to see this at class and is this for kids and babys

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