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100 thoughts on “WARD MANOR MESS // The Sims 4: Fixer Upper – Home Renovation

  1. Listen– my girl Nancy stole her husband back from my pregnant sim while my sim was at work like I have mad respect for her

  2. I felt like I was talking to you one on one then I remembered it was a video and I was like….sis you okay? you talking bout Nancy Landgrab A LOT

  3. I have a theory!! Would if the reason why judith has the feminine side of the house and the other side of the house the opposite is because she wants a husband but she cant get one because she has a BAD REPUTATION?!?!?!

  4. I’m from the future. Fortnite is not part of the gamer team anymore, Fortnite steals all of our comrades content and doesn’t credit, there for, its bad, Fortnite is bad. Sims is a good game, you are a gamer.

    -From, local Gamer.

  5. i made judith kill all the other celebs (because there can only be one) and then i made her have twin babies and lock them in a secret hidden basement and would only teleport a nanny in right before they’d get taken away.

    so i think she’s the worst, at least in my game

  6. i’ve never seen a fixer upper where the first sentence wasn’t “hey guys welcome to fixer upper where i normally try to fix up your houses but today…….”

  7. I love how she tells stories with really random facts like her friend mocking her for knowing Nancy Landigrab's name and then going like "Nancy ruined my life" like, THAT CRACKED ME UP SO MUCH SIS LIKE OMG
    love your channel 💕💕

  8. Honestly didn't know about the Landgrabs. For me, it was always the Goths. Ever since sims 1. You would always be running into a Goth.

  9. i have this house in my game, didn't even know you made it. also i just found your channel yesterday and now i'm just shook.

  10. How dare they!?! Nancy. Iz. Awesome. It’s Nancy cmon she’s is a loser I ❤️ Nancy!!!

  11. A bit later but I heard Judith Ford not Ward so I thought it was kinda like a 36 questions reference XD

  12. I have this thing where I play the sims for like a week and then don’t play for a week or two and then back to playing for like a week lol

  13. Since Judith kept divorcing her husbands, I made her a lesbian and now we have a whole family and it’s great

  14. you are amazing. I love that you fixed it while respecting the spirit of the EA house. I would fill the marble hallways with an art collection.

  15. Honestly, there’s no shame in knowing the Landgrab or Goth sims, they’re in so many games it’s kinda worse not to

  16. On the topic of "real gamers", coming from the perspective of a game developer, I can ASSURE you that you will get shamed a lot LESS if you play Sims over Fortnight. Every time Fortnight is ever even mentioned in my classes and work, a loud groan is heard from SOME WHERE. The Sim gamers are so underground and niche, it's crazy. It's so hard to find ANYONE who plays Sims as much as I do Lol

  17. I feel like Judith is a 67 year old has been who's had too much plastic surgery. All that attitude and hasn't made a movie in 25 years.

  18. Inner circle is my favorite lot in Del Sol Valley. I grew up in California, and It's honestly a spot-on interpretation of an older Californian home. It reminds me of my childhood.

  19. One thing I hate about playing with multiple generations of one single family in sims 3 is the fact that all the base game sims die at some point. So game generates new sims and I'm just like-wait, wo ARE these guys? And then there is the favt that the game NEVER generates enough kids and epecially teens. I had to make a few families just so my teens would have someone to hang out with besides each other. And more importantly-someone to date.
    On an unrelated note I'm sorry for anyone who gets shame for playing sims. I can relate, although most of my close friends are fine with it. I even have a friemd who is a total gamer, as in 'getting a majir in game design gamer' and he calls me a gamer even though the only game I play is The Sims.

  20. Your entire rant about how Nancy Landgrabb ruined your life is the most hilarious sim story I have heard and im crying. Thank you for sharing that story. Also, keep doing streams on Twitch don't let the Fortnite fanboys get their way.

  21. I hate that it's become a meme how shitty their builds are. I mean honestly what are we paying for? I remember in the sims 3 the builds were so much better. Makes me wonder if they fired the wrong person…

  22. I had no idea there is a Sims lot family with my maiden name. This house is like literally horrible. I am so glad you gave it a makeover!

  23. This house is exactly how I would build in sims. Great inside, great thought process, great plan. Absolutely horrible exterior.

  24. I feel like Judith Ward and Nancy Landgraab have brunch together every Sunday where they joke about men and complain about today's youth

  25. I need to find a better way to CC organize my stuff for when they dont end up working. I wish it was easier to tell what everything was in the folders >_>

  26. I do like neither of the two (Nancy or Judith) I've always been a great fan of the Goth Fam. Especially Bella.

  27. The original inside looked surprisingly detailed and complete…. my jaw literally dropped at the outside though. Normally I'm sort of neutral to these houses but that is the ugliest, weirdest looking outside of a house I've ever seen. You made it so much better <3

  28. ok losten up sis if you play sims your also a real simmer if you play it like everyday day your a simmer if you dont play sims a lot your also a real simmer but if you like al,ost never play sims your a simmer and also i dont play a ot of sims 4 but i play a lot of sims 2 and 3 so i thinks thats just mean when you said like are you are you im a real simmer you sound like a spoild brat im sorry but come on your not better then the rest ok so pls dont ❤️

  29. I remember watching your speed builds when you were in high school and you want just rant about Susan! “The good ol’ days”

  30. I didn’t know who to decide was more iconic but I chose Judith because if she is walking around I WILL know because there will be a crowd around her, but if Nancy is it’s unlikely that I’ll notice


  32. I haven't even played the Sims 4 that much but I can still name some of the townies on sight like Eliza Pancakes and Nancy Landgraab and Mortimer Goth lmao, it's not THAT weird

  33. To be honest, I imagined that Judith lived in this gigantic Modern Mansion that has seemingly pointless bedrooms, but they're really for her secret children that she keeps hidden from the public.
    I just can`t see her living in a traditional home like how EA has her in, Judith is just too rich for something as normal as a Traditional home. She lives in the star walked streets of Dol Sol Valley, not the nobody town of Willow Creek.
    Ya know?

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