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100 thoughts on “Wilno Murders: Why Didn’t We Know? – the fifth estate

  1. My goodness, he is ridiculous, listen to him go, put the phone down because the interviewer was asking him as simply question, of which he was making it sound like it was everyone elses fault.
    They need to make the justice system pay for this foolishness.

  2. What a police and judicial system everyone break laws even still women’s needs to fight against corrupt political system and federal where mostly men’s work

  3. The flower child thought it would be a good idea to pic her pimples the night before going on national TV. I’ll just go in without make up so it doesn’t get infected.

  4. 1 out of 3 women WORLDWIDE. Nice try. How about you cite those numbers for civilized western countries!? Oh right, wouldn't fit a narrative.

  5. how can someone say that 'they' want to eradicate do domestic violence?
    that is a dumb thing to say…. there is no telling when a person is going to FLIP OUT.

  6. At the end, when they showed a list of women killed, I knew there would b a few Asian women killed by their white husbands (I googled their names to find out their stories)
    Hundreds of cases of white men n Asian women killing each other n their children at reddit com/hapas SMH

  7. Wow… he essentially asked her to ask y this happened n, when she does, he still ranted about his victimhood n then hung up the phone.


    Wow 😳

  8. Someone should have buried him a long time ago. Canada has a lot if widerness, and nobody would have missed him. He was recently convicted of the murders,

  9. I hate it for friends and family they always seem to know the person isn’t good but you can only do so much until it’s to late. Q

  10. Law Enforcement authorities DID know; they just didn't care. That parole officer and judge in the beating case needed to be charged with negligence and as accessories.

  11. Law Enforcement authorities DID know; they just didn't care. That parole officer and judge in the beating case needed to be charged with negligence and as accessories.

  12. What the hell y’all mean “why we didn’t know” I’m so confused the man had been in court his whole damn life

  13. sorry guys but all I can think of is what the woman said *you know the saying don't help someone who's drowning because you'll be the one who drowns. Ahhhhhhhh if she was drowning I'm sure she would want someone to help her

  14. This guy! He killed three people and didn’t get life 🤔
    Interesting… Must’ve been a peace officer 🤷🏾‍♂️

  15. Wth, he refused to sign the probation that he was going to keep away from Anastasia, and yet they left him get out of jail?

  16. Imagine being a women 😢34:40 “1 in 3 women are a victim of domestic violence” that’s 1/3 of the women in this very comment section. Yup u the women reading this be careful. Take care of urself!!! Voice ur voice stand up for what’s wrong!!

  17. Its absolutely gorgeous there. I would put up with the difficulty with the house too. Why move this guy right in??? Stay single…
    It's sad that police can't/wont do anything until someone is killed.
    They knew this guy was dangerous and yet they looked the other way. It's no different here in the United states. We have too many people who feel criminals should be given more leanent treatment. I don't see any resolution any time soon.

  18. How crazy is this take for instance when you apply for some jobs you have to get a background check it is funny how that job can go back and judge you on crimes that you may have committed in the past no matter how long ago it may have been yet and still our justice system claim that they can not when it comes 2 convicting someone …..that is bulshit

  19. If you’re a man who beats, terrorizes, rapes, attempts to control and/or mooches off women, read the comments below to see what real human beings think of you.

  20. In his telephone interview it sounds as if Borutski is blaming the women for getting themselves killed. No remorse, it's everyones fault but his. Poor poor brute. A woman conducting the interview was a trigger in itself. Lock him and others like him up. Rehabilitation may be possible but highly unlikely. Tattoo or mark these perpetrators for their crime to warn women about their propensity for violence. A Big Red "A" on the hand perhaps. Can also be a reminder whenever the Brute raises his hand against someone, woman or child.

  21. I come from not far from the town of Wilno, Ontario. I have been in an abusive relationship for yrs, i been to marry to a total narcissist an American and after i reported it proved to be hard to get justice in southern California. where i was living at the time. It seems to me that it is hard to get justice for violence against women, children and animals. It is like we live in the men's world. and women who work justice system who suppose to be just there help everyone are just bully and therefor political reasons. Now I truly believe justice only comes from almighty G-d.

  22. The ones who are in charge and make decisions when they relics this animals.. yhey should make the decisions with the confidence that they can relics them by their sistars mothers doughters houses.. otherwise don't relics them ever again!!!

  23. And this is why mental health counseling and awareness is still a HUGE issue in this world. I believe if he had been paid attention to at a younger age this would not have happened. Putting people away for their lives will not change these issues that is NOT the solution. Nipping this is in the butt at an early age would have been the best course of action. And once you've acknowledged that there is a problem then steps need to be taken to warn others of these problems so that us as the public can take neccessary precautions.

  24. This is sooooo screwed up and wrong. He slipped through the cracks so many times!! And then kills someone!! Meanwhile, innocent parents and children are being taken from one another.

  25. I just wanna say, us people in Toronto don't talk like the rest of Canada does (drake is from Toronto). As soon as the girl in the beginning said house I repeated it cuz it was so stereotypically funny. Just a PSA for Americans. I don't say house like that 🤷🏻‍♀️

  26. A piece of paper will never protect anyone. What are you going to do wave that paper while he beating you or do you hold in front of you while he's taking aim at you. All I heard was get a restraining order Randy would have gotten that restraining order and tear it to pieces in front of me if he ever found me. Randy passed this year for the last 40 years I was waiting for him to show up one day but I got word he passed away for the last 6 months I can breathe. I will never have to worry about him again. I never knew freedom untill the day I got word he died.

  27. It seems he was violent to woman. Like most guys like him, they aren't violent to men because they will get smacked. One of the women should have had a couple of family members have a chat with him.


  29. I've watched a couple of these "fifth element" programmes. And they have all been so boring and dry.
    Is their no investigative journalism, or even a The End conclusion. Or do they specialise in the No Conclusion stories. I'm sorry even the narrators voice is annoying. And it's BA Sil as in Bah=sheep. Jeez learn English please. I can't believe I'm going to say this but thank god for the BBC and Panorama etc. Yep just finished and I'm asking WHY? Why did I watch this, total disservice to those who suffered.

  30. can't believe he tried to say that he shouldn't go to jail for killing 3 women because "his rights as a human being werent reapected". i'm pretty sure he was refering to the fact the women told the authorities that they were being abused and tried to remain as far away from him as they could. his rights as a human being apparently included beating them as he pleased

  31. This guy. A real victim in his mind! The courts let him get away with too much up until then, and he wants to say he is a victim. Wow.

  32. It's "a long story" … He's such a victim Yea Right!! He's scum of the Earth… There are sooo many Beasts like this on the loose. Heaven help us all.

  33. If you ask me Canadians are still in the kid's garden, stop teaching A to Z. Move on and look around.
    This sick writing on the screen is just an example, let us watch and see the screen clear, morons. I'm not watching after a few minutes of the show.

  34. Who else is playing with their weiners as they watch this? Tug tug tug,, listen to the woman say farm animals & mother, oooh oooh aaaahhhh

  35. I don't know Canadian law but I know Texas law…and in Texas a person's prior bad acts that r similar in nature r always taken into account…and if that don't work than a good piece of rope and a tall tree does wonders lol

  36. Sadly to say ..Their will be more . Canadian that elected Trudeau . All We can is Expect Is Nothing But Empty Promises !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Justin is Worse the his dad !!!!!!!!!!!! Canadian's Can Expect the Worse To Come Now !!!!

  37. I fight 13 years with the Canadian law to protect my son and my self and family from a violent and mentally abusing man who destroyed all our life’s ! Nobody wants to listen ,nobody cares ! The Canadian law fell big time when its comes down to protect my son and my self …! My x knows exactly how to manipulate the system Good for him bad for us ! Who cares anyway? Nobody !

  38. This is so sad. Unfortunately, Canada is notorious for coddling criminals and treating them like they are the real victims 😡

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